Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


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Having known Manuel during a short collaboration on the MakeHuman project, I know for sure that this kind of speculations are completely off. He proved himself to be devoted to the project and very, VERY generous towards this community, so please stop assuming things that are really far from the gentleman he has always been. Thanks.

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robl - Just saying that while I do feel like Mr. Bastioni didn’t leverage the community to its full potential, I in no way think he’s done any less than his absolute best for this project. I think it’s important that he understand how people like me who admired his work were given the impression that he neither needed nor wanted any support or input by his periodic silent videos that always seemed to show things in progress rather than at a stopping point. As someone not prone to crowing, I know how easy it is to go unnoticed and how hard it can be for some to get noticed. We’re not all Andrew Price. But if someone who has done as very much for the community as Bastioni has needs help promoting their project, I’d bet there are enough like him in the community that it makes sense to ask for help making noise.

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I’m speculating as a way to air my frustration because the story isn’t adding up given that Manuel doesn’t strike me as incompetent at all. Manuel has done really great work, but there is now great confusion as to why a beloved project like this was shut down so prematurely.

His last post on Facebook makes it seem he quit merely because his pride is hurt and there’s a part of me that wants to believe that’s not the case.

You’re saying you know for sure my speculations are completely off, so if you actually have facts to shed light on the situation, please share as I’d love to know.

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the answer you gave is not exhaustive and is not useful for anyone

la risposta che hai dato è poco esauriente e non è utile per nessuno.

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Thank you for this great addon and your work. Good luck

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In this post it is reported that makehuman community has opened a patreon account, and a new release has been publicated few days ago.

For now it seems that makehuman is still an option.

I really hope the lab does not die.

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I don’t think speculation on other reasons behind the decision to stop developing ManuelBastioniLAB are helpful or warranted.
I understand that Manuel can come off a little abrupt, but I guarantee he doesn’t have some grand scheme to generate support and popularity with a stunt like shutting down the project just to reopen it.
If there are bigger, personal reasons behind the decision to stop development, they should remain personal.

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A fact would be the best, you are right. I don’t have recent news on the end of the project. But my point of view (that I am sure there’s no hidden plan on Manuel quitting) is based on facts. Back in time we talked about some projects that were born free and slowly translated into profit machines. We both agreed that such maneuvres implied a lack of ethics and respect (nothing illegal of course, but working for pleasure/passion and working for money are just different things). Your speculations are off because Manuel could have made quite some money in the years from his project. He kept working on it just for passion and I think he simply did it until he had some energy. If you try your best for free, maybe you need support and sustain more than money. We may discuss forever if he had enough sustain or not, but please lets let apart hidden plans aimed to money/interest matters.
No idea if my english is good enough to be clear, I tried my best and I won’t reply anymore on this. Thanks.

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That is a great addon, i like it very much, but on the other side, i hope it can assembly the cloth ot shoe , asserts , that can make software function completion.

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It wasn’t a serious speculation. In fact, none of them really are, but meant to more illustrate how things aren’t adding up between what’s been told and what’s happened.

It looks like it was both. I know Manuel was big on people’s gratitude as motivation. But the fact that it was setting up a funding system whose result wasn’t as desired that ended the project indicates he was also in need of financial support.

The conclusion to be drawn from the Facebook post is that he’s crushed there isn’t a motivated community to financially support the continual development of his add-on. Which is tragic, because had he announced it on Blenderartists and Blender Nation, and given it some time, he might’ve seen a different result. And that’s the frustrating thing.

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What a shame. I really love your tool :frowning:

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I guess I am guilty of not realising how urgent the funding effort was…
Sorry for that Manuel…

May I ask for some advice from this community…

I’m not an artist or even a blender user, but with a lot of effort trial and error
I’ve managed to get a workflow together and end up with a working character in the Unity game engine.

So Far
I can combine multiple blendshapes into a named “facial expressions” which I can evoke in the game with code.
These expressions are communicated over the network so the other player can see you smile.
I’ve got the character working flawlessly with the mechanim animation system.

What I am trying to do…
I am simply creating the most immersive online environment I can
Where your character has its own feelings which are experessed on its face.
When you move your mouse you move the characters head
Where you talk into the microphone and the chartacters lips move
I’ve written a true full body awareness system where the camera litterally attached to the bridge of the nose.
I’ve got an interaction system for sitting down opening doors etc.
I even have access to the internet and mobile phones in game

I don’t know how it will be used or what people will do with it.
They may watch a movie together on netflix listen to music or Learn for each other.

Now I have a problem…

I thought I just was lacking hair and clothes, But now I don’t think I have a character system anymore.

The thing is I’m happy with MB Labs 1.6 it works for me…
Do you think I could carry on using it if I don’t update blender?

I don’t know of anything else that comes close to MB Labs.

any advice greatly appreciated…


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Manuel should be given some time. Creative mind can’t stop himself to produce something great. hope he will come back with more feature.

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@ Calembendell:
Well said. Glad to see there there are still some reasonable people in this thread. :slight_smile:

@ Manuel Bastioni:
Hi Manuel. It’s funny how quickly ‘friends’ and ‘fans’ can become ‘foes,’ isn’t it? lol.

In all seriousness though, I’m sorry to hear about the situation with MBL. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the Blender, Makehuman, and MBL community thus far. Congratulations to your success. May you return to your loyal userbase and begin working on MBL for Blender 2.80 as soon as possible!

No Pressure. :slight_smile:
Salute and Cheers!

@ Everyone:
Let’s be respectful and hopeful. Patient. Understanding. We have no idea what Manuel is going through. Let’s just wish him the best and hope he returns. If you are interested in supporting MBL maybe you can send him a personal IM here on the forums. Maybe if there is enough interest maybe he will change his mind?

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Amazing can you share the model?

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I’m also a developer that uses MBLAB characters to show facial expressions, although FACSvatar ( does that by capturing a person’s facial expression and streaming that in real-time to a MBLAB character in Unity3D (as one of the possibilities).

Manuel Bastioni did an amazing job with his characters.
What has been released so far is still available and it is open source. It shouldn’t be too hard to put in a community effort and fix the issues for it to work in Blender 2.8. Blender 2.8 comes with a new hair shader, which would solve your hair problem.

The issue though is that those characters would need to be licensed under AGPL… Personally not a problem for me, but it would reduce the size of the community.

(Pedro Lucas Andrade) #1593

I am having the same problem too.
The order of the bones are saved is affecting the loading of the .json file.

  1. glamour01.json bones names order list:
    [‘lowerarm_R’, ‘clavicle_L’, ‘head’, ‘upperarm_R’, ‘ring02_R’, ‘hand_R’, ‘upperarm_twist_R’, ‘toes_L’, ‘thumb02_R’, ‘thigh_L’, ‘pinky00_R’, ‘ring01_L’, ‘clavicle_R’, ‘toes_R’, ‘ring00_R’, ‘upperarm_L’, ‘middle03_R’, ‘foot_R’, ‘ring01_R’, ‘pinky02_R’, ‘thigh_twist_R’, ‘ring03_L’, ‘index01_L’, ‘ring02_L’, ‘pelvis’, ‘index03_R’, ‘index00_R’, ‘spine02’, ‘middle01_L’, ‘index02_L’, ‘lowerarm_twist_L’, ‘ring03_R’, ‘middle02_L’, ‘spine03’, ‘middle01_R’, ‘middle00_L’, ‘index03_L’, ‘thumb02_L’, ‘index02_R’, ‘pinky03_R’, ‘pinky00_L’, ‘pinky01_L’, ‘breast_L’, ‘hand_L’, ‘pinky03_L’, ‘index01_R’, ‘thumb01_L’, ‘index00_L’, ‘calf_R’, ‘calf_twist_L’, ‘spine01’, ‘thumb01_R’, ‘middle00_R’, ‘pinky01_R’, ‘lowerarm_L’, ‘middle02_R’, ‘foot_L’, ‘middle03_L’, ‘calf_twist_R’, ‘pinky02_L’, ‘neck’, ‘lowerarm_twist_R’, ‘thumb03_R’, ‘thigh_twist_L’, ‘calf_L’, ‘root’, ‘thumb03_L’, ‘thigh_R’, ‘ring00_L’, ‘upperarm_twist_L’, ‘breast_R’]

  2. glamour01_MANUAL_SAVE.json bones names order list:
    [‘pinky02_R’, ‘lowerarm_L’, ‘ring03_L’, ‘thumb03_L’, ‘foot_R’, ‘thigh_L’, ‘middle03_R’, ‘upperarm_R’, ‘clavicle_L’, ‘upperarm_twist_L’, ‘pinky02_L’, ‘spine01’, ‘pelvis’, ‘thigh_twist_R’, ‘index02_L’, ‘middle01_L’, ‘foot_L’, ‘middle00_R’, ‘upperarm_L’, ‘pinky01_R’, ‘middle01_R’, ‘thumb03_R’, ‘index03_L’, ‘ring00_R’, ‘index00_L’, ‘calf_R’, ‘calf_twist_L’, ‘index02_R’, ‘spine02’, ‘lowerarm_R’, ‘toes_R’, ‘lowerarm_twist_L’, ‘middle00_L’, ‘calf_L’, ‘pinky00_L’, ‘ring02_L’, ‘pinky03_L’, ‘ring00_L’, ‘thumb01_L’, ‘pinky03_R’, ‘pinky00_R’, ‘thigh_twist_L’, ‘thumb01_R’, ‘breast_R’, ‘index00_R’, ‘thigh_R’, ‘neck’, ‘root’, ‘middle02_L’, ‘index01_R’, ‘hand_L’, ‘ring03_R’, ‘toes_L’, ‘middle03_L’, ‘lowerarm_twist_R’, ‘index01_L’, ‘head’, ‘ring01_L’, ‘ring01_R’, ‘index03_R’, ‘upperarm_twist_R’, ‘calf_twist_R’, ‘pinky01_L’, ‘breast_L’, ‘hand_R’, ‘thumb02_L’, ‘thumb02_R’, ‘clavicle_R’, ‘middle02_R’, ‘ring02_R’, ‘spine03’]

If you fix this, sometimes the load is alright.

With thanks.

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I would easily pay at least 10$/year, 2$/m, or 300$/life for MLab.I would easily pay right now 100$ for an injection of money, and for all the times MLab helped me previously. I had literally no idea this was happening, or I would’ve reached out earlier. I didn’t know there was a campaign.

@Manuel, you are an inspiration, thanks for all the hard effort.

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Like all the others here, I was saddened to read about Bastioni’s decision to cease development due to a lack of funding. Not being on Facebook, I only learned about the abandonment through this thread on BA.

Manuel Bastioni Labs was a truly ambitious project, maybe too ambitious, but the actual results were really impressive, so there is no doubt this would have become a flagship character development tool, not just for the Blender community. I was always looking forward to a new release.

However, I propose we do not give up entirely on the project, but try to give Bastioni the means to continue, so here’s my suggestion:

Before I start, I believe this is not viable unless we get some sort of indication that Manuel Bastioni is actually interested in pursuing the project if a viable financial goal is reached. Of course, there is probably nothing to stop external developers to build on what’s already been done, but that’s a whole other aspect, as I fear it may lead to some unwarranted and unwanted fragmentation, so I won’t delve into this alternative. Also, I believe the project is dependent on Bastioni’s overarching vision for MB Labs.

Now, for the suggestion:

  1. Set up a crowdfunding project on one of the platforms, Kickstarter or the likes, with a realistic goal that ensures up to one year of continued development by Bastioni himself.
  2. Obviously, if the goal isn’t met, the funds are returned to the patrons, as is customary.
  3. If, for some reason, the goal is met, but Bastioni for some reason decides not to pursue further development, the contributions are transferred to the Blender development fund. As we all know, they’ll be put to good use there.
  4. Ideally, this would be administered by the Blender Institute itself to make sure everything is done properly.

Lastly, please abstain from speculating about any motivation Mr. Bastioni might have had for his course of action in this matter.

It would be nice to hear from Manuel Bastioni himself to determine whether this is a solution he’d be comfortable with. If so, we might start thinking about a Patreon-like arrangement to finance further development when the initial funding is running out.

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English (Google Translate)

I have seen that you have published a new version, and I have some questions:

  1. Will you provide a zip file to install the add-on?
  2. Can I start promoting this fork?
  3. Will a new thread be started in the forum to talk about this fork?

Thank you.

Español – Spanish

He visto que has publicado una nueva versión, y tengo varias preguntas:

  1. ¿Proporcionarás un archivo zip para la instalación de este complemento?
  2. ¿Puedo comenzar a promover este fork?
  3. ¿Se comenzará un nuevo hilo en el foro para hablar de este fork?