Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


(calembendell) #1381

Did you already have ideas about how best to implement that?
I was looking into with a base skin and an eyebrow texture nodes feeding into a mix shader with alpha channel as the factor, which adds the eyebrows on top of the texture, but I’m not sure how to export the final texture as an image.

(Atom) #1382

Is there any way to have the tool remember my visibility state on the armature?

When I am working on the hands or feet I like to turn off the bone display in the outliner. However, when I make an adjustment to a slider value, the bones are automatically turned back on.

(DanielEngler) #1383

You can do this manually for the color by baking Diffuse with just Color selected. That should work.

(Manuel) #1384

Custom visibility is not implemented yet, but you can try to change the armature display from “Octahedral” to “Wire”, as workaround.

(Daedalus_MDW) #1385

you can also try “Only Render” in the N panel.

(NumesSanguis) #1386

The proxy function might still need some tweaking. This is the hair asset proxy fitted (with default values) to an Asian Female, which has her head shape changed during the creation process.

Her .json file:
FACSvatar_MB-161a_asian_femalebackup.json (1.9 KB)

Any other combination of offset+influence didn’t really give satisfactory results. I’ve never encountered this problem with v1.6.1.

EDIT: I removed, re-downloaded and re-installed v1.6.1a of the add-on, init Asian female, no changes, finalize, add hair asset, proxy fit with default values <-- hair still goes through skin.

I also have a request: With your add-on, we can change eye color and skin deformation. The _body_derm.png however does not reflect these changes, making it hard to get the same effect when imported in, for example, Unity3D. Could you provide an option to save an image with all effects applied?

(Manuel) #1387

It’s the corrective smooth modifier that is automatically added to the proxy object. Usually it helps, in particular for distant elements, but in some cases the smooth surface can intersect the body.

You can try to:

  • set the influence to 20
  • fit the proxy
  • then select the proxy and disable its corrective smooth modifier in the Blender modifers panel.

(NumesSanguis) #1388

set the influence to 20

It was already at 20. If you saw my edit, it also happens on the default asian female model.

then select the proxy and disable its corrective smooth modifier in the Blender modifers panel.
(select the hair assets, then the wrench icon to open modifier and you’ll find [mbastlab_corrective_modifier], unselect both the eye and camera icon).

This indeed fixes the issue at hand, thank you.

I quickly re-installed v1.6.1, did the proxy fitting thing just for the hair asset and re-installed v1.6.1a <-- also solves it.

(smautoys) #1389

Hi, I’m trying to weight clothes to my MBLab character but every time I tried, I get the skirt moving forward after use Automatic weight. Does someone have an idea?


(Manuel) #1390

Clothes must be modelled on a reference base template, in order to be automatically fitted to all derived characters:

(Manuel) #1391

This is planned, but after the 1.7.0.

(smautoys) #1392

Thanks for the reply, Manuel.
I should have mentioned that I know the proxy method but I would like to use this one that I’ve used before and that is working fine for me: (Rigging Technique for Mutliple Layers of Clothing and Accessories in Blender).

I’m sorry if I make you repeat something that you already explain to someone else but I’ve search without success. :disappointed:
Can you just explain me why it’s not possible to use it and why the skirt is moving forward, please? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Daedalus_MDW) #1393

if you arent using lab tools, then you will get alot better support if you ask in the modelling section.

(Åsmund) #1394

Hi Manuel, I have a small request. Could you do displacement maps for lips and skin in general? When I say lips displacement I mean things like this:

(Manuel) #1395

Details and realism will be greatly improved in lab 1.7.0. As example take a look to this recent preview of new male base mesh:

(Åsmund) #1396

Awezome, I plan to make Blender my main DCC tool :slight_smile:

(calembendell) #1397

Hey @Manuel, there seems to be an error for me for female models such that there isn’t a closed eye morph target for the right eye. There is an Expressions_eyeClosedR_min but not an Expressions_eyeClosedR_max. It’s still in the f_ca01_exprs but isn’t being applied for some reason. I don’t yet have a full understanding of how the morph system works, would you explain how this error might occur and how to fix it when you have the time?


(Manuel) #1398

This was fixed in version 1.6.1a:

(yakuzakazuya) #1399

Using the lab for a base for sculpting is very helpful. Thank you Manuel :slight_smile:

(Manuel) #1400

Amazing!! Do you have a thread for the WIP?