Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


(NumesSanguis) #1401

@Manuel I remember you once wrote you would like to have as a feature to your add-on that a user could take a photo of a person, and it would automatically create a model that looks like him/her.

Seems AI could help you in that direction:

(yakuzakazuya) #1402

No, but I might start a WIP thread soon.
I basically finalize a model after fine tuning in the lab, pose it with IK rig (which is awesome, thanks) then turn on dyntopo for further tweaking of muscle forms.

Another shot:

(jdeluxe) #1403

I created a blendfile to convert any Skyrim CBBE compatible texture to ManuelLab. The textures need a little rework with the clone brush after baking to get rid of seam lines, but it’s really easy. You have to export the Skyrim textures to a blender compatible format before though. I uploaded the blendfile to my cloud. Feel free to use it but consider asking the original textures author for permission before using it. The blendile contains an example using the FairSkin textures by HHaleyy Have fun


(Rangiz) #1404


Is there a possibility to create similar characters with Bastioni Lab (attachment) ? I’ve tried with the anime type, but legs are always too long. And offcourse I need rig, and expressions. I know I can shorten the legs after creation, but then I believe nothing will work, or is there a workaround?

(jdeluxe) #1405

This is as close as I can get to your proportions. Adjusted Leglength, body size, head size, leg size and feet size

(Daedalus_MDW) #1406

thats very stylized. perhaps well outside of the lab scope.

(NumesSanguis) #1407

Will the eyeballs be a different mesh with the new base meshes? Because now it’s difficult to have the eyes follow an object in Unity3D (or other game engine). Blend Shapes are not really great for that.

(javb92) #1408

Hi guys, is there any fix for the flat gluteus for the f_an02(anim fem) in the actual version? thanks

(Rangiz) #1409

THX for the attempta, sadly this need to be for children 4-8. Ok need to work traditionally.

(Manuel) #1410

Having eyes as separate objects is not possible, because it would be very difficult to keep in sync with the body morphing. Anyway it’s planned to develop a face rigging that will include the eyes too (but it will require time).

(Daedalus_MDW) #1411

once you finalize the character, its easy to add some basic bones to the eyes.

i even go so far as to create new eyeballs that are spheres (saving verts for game) and use normal maps on the iris.

(Manuel) #1412

Talking about eyes, here is a preview of new eye model, texture and shader:

(kiskit) #1413

Hey guys, is it normal that one toe bone has “connected” ticked and not the other one? It changes the behavior with the floor constraint

(Daedalus_MDW) #1414

mine is like this, 1.6.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.1a. shouldnt hurt anything to fix it.

(Delifisek Tux) #1415


Manuel thanks for this great tool.

And I have some issues.

My Question Is.

Is there any way to apply Subsurface modifier before the finalize the character.

I want use models in Unity with face expression shape keys. I cannot do with sub surface modifier. Without subsurface modifier, meshes are just Meh.

My Humble regards.

(jdeluxe) #1416

You can use the shapekey helpers addon, to apply subdivision and maintain the shapekeys. Im on mobile so you have to search google or BA yourself

(Delifisek Tux) #1417

thanks for support.

And it does not work for me. Gives an error. I’m not sure but if I sense correctly my low end (4gb) setup does not enough power to complete this.

After stops it creates lot of meshes and it seems each of them represents each shape key. However meshes are broken and look like creature from H.P.Lovecraft universe.

Does any one can confirm is this work or not ?

My humble regards

(Manuel) #1418

No. In future I’d like to investigate the problem of applying the subdivision on meshes with shapekeys, but at the moment I’m very busy with the huge todo list of 1.7.0.

I’m working hard on the new meshes for lab 1.7.0. They will be more detailed and realistic.

(Delifisek Tux) #1419

Thanks, at least I got my official word and God bless you Manuel.

And until 1.7.0 I have to do it with old school fugly hacks.

(jdeluxe) #1420

Yeah it seems like you ran out of memory. The script creates a copy of the mesh for each shape key, applies all modifiers and then joins each mesh back together (as shape-key). What you could do is make a copy of you character, delete half of the shapekeys, apply them. Then delete the other half of the shape keys at the original, apply the modifiers and then finaly transfer the shapekeys from one mesh to another.