Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


(Delifisek Tux) #1421

Hello, thanks again.

Your method was confirmed. It works.

And I try another machine with 8 gb ram. Results are same. Maybe problem was not releated with memory.

Anyway thank you so much. :smile:

My Humble Regards.

PS: Does any one know how to make older skin and change brow colors with age and it seems my eye color does not change.

(Manuel) #1422

The eye color is controlled by the shader for Cycles, so it works only when the character is used in Blender.
At the moment the custom color is not exported to the finalized textures, so the changes will not appear in external engines. Anyway, after the finalization process, the finalized textures can be modified using an image editor.

(Delifisek Tux) #1423

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

And another thing (if I’m not asking too much).

I can’t transfer old skin look from blender to unity. Every character has nice younger skin. (yes I’m play with skin values in blender at before the finalize step.)

My humble regards.

(Daedalus_MDW) #1424

simply put, the lab is not optimized for a realtime work flow. the lab is an excellent starting point, but you are going to need to put forth some leg work too.

(calembendell) #1425

Hey Tux,

You’ll need to bake the textures separately.
However you may find the existing textures to be not work very well for you since they’re not PBR.
I recommend making new textures for the characters.


(calembendell) #1426

Hullo everyone,

I just pushed UnrealBastioniLAB which adds a “Prepare for Unreal” button to the Utilities in the after creation tools in ManuelBastioniLAB to Github here:
Right now there’s only the “Prepare for Unreal”, but I’ll be adding a full “Export to Unreal” button shortly that uses the correct FBX settings by default.
I’ll also be adding a script that adds extra bones for IK in Unreal.
Last, we have a 4K PBR material for the base human female and the base human male that I’ll be looking into releasing for everyone to use (and improve, if anybody is interested, since I didn’t have much time to work on it!).

My understanding is that I have now modified ManuelbastioniLAB so any character exported with this version cannot be used under the attribution license.
However, if I just shifted this into a plugin of its own the characters could be post processed and kept under creative commons as they were exported from the official version.
I’d love to be able to contribute more to lab, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do so without making it such that exports are all AGPL 3.
I also understand the fear of having multiple contributors since it can be a real pain in the ass.
With this in mind, how should I best approach adding to the lab?
Should our additions be done as separate plugins that compliment the ManuelbastioniLAB addon?


(SHABA1) #1427

I am having a problem with Makewalk. Manual I know that you did not write MakeWalk but would this thread be a good place to ask question. It seems that the orignal programmer has abandoned the program both on that other forum and on his github page.

(Manuel) #1428

When you finalize the character with the “Save image and backup character” option, the lab creates two images:

  • the diffuse texture ("_derm" suffix)
  • the bump/displacement texture ("_displ" suffix)

The latter is what makes the “old skin look”. You have to use it in the bump channel of the shader of external engines.
More info on finalization step:

(Safetyman) #1429

@calembendell Interesting question. I’d like to know as well.

(Manuel) #1430

I just added the FAQ 1.12 on my site:

(mistercliff) #1431

You might consider looking into MakeHuman as it allows you to make child models.

(LeRan) #1432

Hi Manuel,

I just downloaded and experimented with the lab version 1.6.1 (straight from version 1.3), and well, thank you so much for this absolutely awesome tool !

I have a couple questions to ask about animation exportation though…

Question 1 - I’m working with a model with IK bones. I noticed that, when recording an animation, recording keyframes for both the normal bones and the IK bones produces somewhat “off” results.

The workaround I found is to save 2 actions of each animation : one with only the IK bones recorded (that’s the base animation that can be modified) ; and another one with only the normal bones recorded (that’s the “finalized” animation that can be exported into Unity, because Unity does not seem to acknowledge the IK).

Is that a normal behaviour ? Is there a simpler way to export animations to Unity ?

Question 2 - It seems that muscles don’t export well to Unity. For example, I used another model with normal bones and “muscle bones”, to make a “crouching” action. It’s nice in Blender, but once exported into Unity, the back is excessively and unnaturally arched. The same animation on a model without muscles exports well.

Is that a known behaviour ? If not, I can document it and illustrate with pictures if you want.

Best regards

(NumesSanguis) #1433

I think IK bones and muscles are restricted to the Blender environment. Since you’re busy with Unity3D, I thought this page might be useful to you: Please update it with any information you discover when exporting your animations :slight_smile:

(1pepe) #1434

Think that Anything Nodes could be used by Bastionilab? i mean on crowd generation or other things.


I’ve recently installed the addon, everything works great but I’ve got a problem with the eyes of the skin’s model. I’m a complete noob with blender so I don’t know what I need to change for fixing this (searched on the web but didn’t found anything).
Any help would be greatly appreciated

(Daedalus_MDW) #1436

you have to set it to cycles and ‘rendered’ mode. otherwise it wont look right. there may be work arounds, but last i checked, not for transparency or sss. is a good place to get hdri environment maps. imho i like those better then the default lamps. under “Settings” in the World Properties, check Multiple Importance and set the resolution to 2048 or higher. that will make the lights look better from the texture.

(Miss Bad Wolf) #1437

Here are some probably stupid questions. How do I install it? and if I installed it right, how do I use it?

(Daedalus_MDW) #1438

there is a support page in the addon homepage.

theres even a community wiki page.

(gquentin) #1439

Is there a ‘easy’ way to prevent model from twisting unaturaly? Like adding constraints on bones?

(Daedalus_MDW) #1440

just add “limit rotation” bone constraints in “local space” mode. check “for transform” to keep the values proper.