Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


(calembendell) #1441

Skin texture backups don’t seem to save the eye and skin colour settings for me. Is there something I need to do to get these working properly?


(Manuel) #1442

Do you mean a problem in loading material parameters from json?

(calembendell) #1443

The skin pngs that get exported don’t reflect any changes, so they can’t be used with external programs. For now, I’ve set up a new skin material that can be used in Unreal Engine with values that are driven by the backup json, but what would be the best way to export the texture with the settings baked in for use in other programs?


(lolwel21) #1444

The way I would do it is to bake the passes (using Blender’s built-in baking tools), by baking the Subsurface Color, Normal, and Glossy color without edits to the shader, then pull the glossy Roughness into an Emission shader (I forget if the Lab uses roughness maps, but this only applies if it does).

I would use a Normal map to bake to game/realtime applications, and a bump map for production exports. Also, make sure you export the displacement map, found not in the material but the modifier stack. You’ll want that too.

(Manuel) #1445

This feature is planned for future versions.

(DanielEngler) #1446

Will the materials in upcoming versions use Principled BSDFs as defaults?

(Manuel) #1447

Planned for 1.7.x

(NumesSanguis) #1448

How is your funding project VERY SOON™ going? :kissing:

(Manuel) #1449

It will be available before the end of summer.

In these months I’m working hard to complete the prototype of new muscled male base model. This week I will post a video about it. I hope you will appreciate the result!

(gquentin) #1450

it would be usefull if MBL had a switch to “set natural constraints automatically”.

(NumesSanguis) #1451

@Manuel, maybe you already know about it, but it seems UDIM support for UV mapping is coming to Blender 2.8:
With that you can have multiple images with different resolution as texture, but it all works like it is a single image.

(qomolangma888) #1452

very great blender addon, but i hope you add some basic assets, for example some clothes, shoes, simple models are Ok, thank you again.

(Manuel) #1453

I just completed the mesh of the new model M-CA02. It was very complex to create, not only for the accuracy in anatomy, but also to have the best design for the topology. The video shows the result of pure geometry (subdivided): no bump or displacement maps are used. You can also see the new eyelashes and eyes with shaders applied.

(qomolangma888) #1454

thanks for your great and hard work.

(vinnyvicious) #1455

How do you guys add skin details to the existing models? Things like arm hair, veins, etc. Do you just paint over the existing texture? What about normals/specular, etc?

(ouraf) #1456

add a new map based on the unwrapped UV the lab makes for each new feature (new color, new feature, new particles, etc.). then edit the skin shader to have more stuff on it (mix shader, bumps, etc.) and use the new maps to guide the distribuition.

more or less the same process of adding a tattoo

(StroBlend) #1457

What should be the workflow to have re-targeted animation that work with the IK rig ?. I tried to save my animation with the “normal rig” then append it into the IK rig but it don’t work any tips ?

(LordReyli) #1458

@Manuel Thank you so so much for this beautiful addon. I fell in love with it from the day I set my eyes on it. This must have cost you a fortune in time and money. Bless your heart for graciously sharing it with us.
I’m currently working on using software tools, mainly from the open source community, to prototype fashion design.
I find that when I export a finalized and posed model as Collada it imports into Marvelous Designer in the model’s original rest pose instead of the pose in which I exported it. Is there something I can do to make it export properly?

(gritche) #1459

apply the armature first
or Alt-C … convert to mesh

(blastblast123) #1460

Firstly, Thanks so much for the amazing plugin! It works wonderfully and the results are great!

Just came here for a very minor bug report. Terminal output will be listen bellow. I am using blender 2.79 and ubuntu OS.
Terminal output:
RNA_def_property_ui_text: ‘Create a new vertgroup and use it as mask the body under proxy.’ description from ‘mblab_add_mask_group’ ‘’ ends with a ‘.’ !
RNA_def_struct_ui_text: ‘Generate a new character according the parameters.’ description from ‘MBAST_OT_character_generator’ ‘’ ends with a ‘.’ !
This does not effect program behavior in the slightest, but I figured I’d pass on the info.

Thanks again for the plugin, and I can’t wait for the next update!