Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


(melvi) #1461

@Manuel Hi, mate. Thanks so for the improvements on this addon.

Is there a way to get inverse kinematics to work with mocap like this:

(Tvaroog) #1462

Hi, I have a problem animating face expressions. When I set an expression, let’s say “very_sad” to “1”, all the shape keys that are linked to that expression are updated correctly. Face looks as it should.


But when I put key frames on the “very_sad”, e.g. “0” on frame one and “10” on frame ten, then the shape keys aren’t updated, even during render. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to force updating of the shape keys during animation? I’m using Blender 2.79b and ver 1.6.1a of the addon.

EDIT: Ok, I got. You have to press the “Insert Keyframe” button. You can’t insert keyframe for a single expression.

(cmee) #1463

Is there any way to add children to this plugin… ?As makehuman… Now, I only can found adult templates.


(NumesSanguis) #1464

The new hair shader in Blender is something to look forward to:
You can control hair color by melanin concentration.

Update to the 2.8 release schedule:

(Daedalus_MDW) #1465

no, its not planned.

(Atom) #1466

I have keyframed a face animation after adding in a BVH animation. While I can see the facial expression animated in the viewport, there is no facial animation when I export to FBX.

I did use SPACE-BAR and ran the Bake Keyframes script before output. The BVH animation does transfer into the FBX but facial does not.

I feel like if I could bake the facial keyframes the export might work.

Does anyone know how to bake the facial expression keyframes?

(disblenderment) #1467

some of the weights are weird, this bone also doesnt have the same weights as the mirror side

(Atom) #1468

Here is another bug/feature I just experienced.

After finalizing a character I was trying out various BVH animations to see which one I wanted to use. I went through about 12-15 loads using the AddOn button.

After I finally decided on one of the BVH files, I decided to export it as FBX. The export took a very long time and when I examine the resulting FBX file I noticed that every single animation I had previously loaded ended up in the FBX export, even though the Action Editor only showed the last BVH I loaded.

My guess is that even though new BVH animations appear to be removed, they still hold onto some data link to the character that the FBX exporter detects.

In a way this can be useful, for instance a user might want to load up 10 animations into a single character and export them all as a single FBX. But it is also confusing because the order that the end user loads the animations is the order they appear in the FBX.

In my case I expected the last BVH loaded to be what was going to be exported into the FBX. The net result is that when I reload the FBX I don’t see the last animation I loaded.

Maybe the AddOn needs some more controls in the animation section. Like purge previous animations button…? Or a tooltip explaining that BVH loads build up hidden actions.

Just my feedback on using the animation section of the tool.

(Oscalon) #1469

Sorry if this has been reported already. I searched the thread and found nothing, but I haven’t read it all.

I am seeing serious program lag when I have Proxy Fitting panel open. There’s several seconds delay for registering clicks, opening and closing menus, etc. As soon as I close the proxy fitting panel, it goes away.

I am building a bunch of bodies for a crowd scene in the same file together, so I have 12 different bodies generated by manuelLab, and them am fitting proxies to them. My guess is that when the proxy fitting tab is open, it’s running some script or action thats looping over all the bodies in the scene? It’s still stable, just a bit annoying to work with.

Also, a question: I notice that when I make a proxy outfit for a male body, if I try to fit it to a female, it displays an error in the proxy panel and it cannot fit the item. How does MLAB know if an object is meant to be fit to a male or female? It doesn’t get specified anywhere.

EDIT: And one more question about proxies: I’ve had a couple times now where MLAB generated bodies stop showing up as an option in the proxy fitting menu. Why would this happen? How does MLAB identify which bodies are an option? They still had their manuellab_id custom property. I’d re-imported the character and replaced the body when this happens, but that is time consuming. So if there’s another way to fix it, that would be nice.

(Manuel) #1470


No, sorry.

Thank you. Particles are amazing in Blender, but the problem is how to export them to external engines.

It’s already in todo list for 1.6.2. Thank you.

I will investigate about it.

I will try to reproduce the problem.

It depends by the proxy name.

Have you modified the topology of bodies?

(Oscalon) #1471

Thank you for the response!

I have done some smoothing in sculpt mode on most of the bodies, but not changed any vertices. It has not broken on several bodies that I’ve done this on. But I think all the ones it has broken on were these. It’s broken on 2 out of 6 that i’ve done sculpting on.

(Manuel) #1472

I cannot reproduce the delay issue.
I created a lab character, finalized it and duplicated it in order to have 12 bodies. Also I added 12 proxies, but there is not a noticeable delay in Blender performance.
Do you have noticed the same issues in other scenes too, or it only happens in this specific case?

(Oscalon) #1473

Its my first time using the proxy system, so I haven’t noticed it before. I’ll have to do some tests and get back to you. It could be another addon or something conflicting.

(nomax5) #1474


I joined this forum in 2008, then I got distracted for 10 years never did a post
I’m not an Artist you see, if I draw a stickman people ask What is it?

Anyways I’m Back…

Just joined / logged on to say

  • Thanks Manuel for the Lab it’s freakin awesome
  • Thanks for making it open source
  • Thanks for the videos and the knowledge
  • Whenever you post a new video on youtube it makes my day…

I’m going to start learing Belender, diving in at the deep end using Manuel Bastioni Lab



(sleeper g) #1475

Hello, another solution which is non destructive is to bake your cloth animation so that it keeps it’s form after simulation and then create a mask on your character to hide the covered verts.

(nomax5) #1476

I’m very new to Blender and MBLab but enjoying learning and having some success.

May I ask what your workflow is for making skin tight clothes like these
and these

For me to cover up your models with my crudely constructed clothes would be almost a criminal act of vandalism.

So I would like to explore using PBR materials directly on the models within Unity and the ability to change them in game with code.

I purchased an Indie version Substance painter, Substance designer and Bitmap to material when it was cheap on the asset store a few years back
so I have the ability to paint PBR in 3D and make PBR materials.

Kind Regards


(Manuel) #1477

Update about the development of M-CA02 and the new HD textures.

Just two materials (skin and plastic) mixed with a nice mask.

(nomax5) #1478

Just watched the new video it looks great as always, and provokes a thought:

I’ve been importing MBLab created models into the Unity game engine and trying to get a good workflow going.
I’ve been thinking about textures PBR skin shaders etc.
I’m thinking some sort of overlay system where facial hair makeup scars can be placed on top of a base skin texture.
these could obviously be changed in realtime with code such as blushing cheeks when embarressed or applying makeup.

Different skin textures can change look so much it is hard to believe it’s the same model.

(razin) #1479

is the v 1.6.2 downloadable ?

(Manuel) #1480

The texture library is already planned in roadmap for future versions:

It’s still in development. You can follow the progress here: