Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


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Hi mzproz, the quick instructions are as follows:
Link to instructions

As for the retargeting process. It actually took me several weeks to get it done with several reiterations till I got something acceptable.
Can you list out the requirements you need me to address and I will try to make a tutorial or a series trying to address the same and the pipeline I’m following sometime soon… I haven’t made a tutorial video before and will need to get a microphone.

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Thanks for he instructions. I’m quite familiar by now how to do retargets within ue4 for any skeletons and I saw many tutorials in that subject.
I also made a quick test some time ago with the MBlab characters and they worked fine with the basic mannequin animations, though they also had some problems which must be coming for the different bone structure/weightpaint solutions. This might have changed in since then…
However I never got to the part to set up physics on the characters and use the imported shapekeys (I also had some problem importing them). These are not MBlab specific things though.

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Best part of MB rigs is muscle system. Though it uses bendy bones and I am not sure if UE or Unity supports bendy bones.

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I used these reference videos while creating my physics asset: it starts some 20 mins in.
The other video series is for an older version of UE but gives a better idea about designing constraints for limbs. I designed one half of my character then copied the values to the other half. You might have to mirror some of the copied values in case they dont show up right. In that case you just have to give the corresponding axis a negative value.
I followed this to work with morph targets:
You can control the morph targets either through blueprints or animation curves
This is what i followed for doing the cloth:
You can get several cloth profiles from the content examples provided by epic.

I will let you know once I post some good tutorials. I haven’t added anything to my youtube channel yet but you can have a look there from time to time.

If you need to mirror animations in real-time for ue4 check out my plugin

If you need to copy shape keys like the breathing chest to clothes or face movements to moustache… please check this
I do not know how creating plugins/addons for blender works yet. Will make it a button or something in the UI when I find out… Just change the src_name and dest_name to your mesh names and run the script. It works!

EDIT: Please see this! I hope you find this very useful:
UE4 ManuealBastioni Lab Character Study

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The new expression system will be based mainly on rigging, in order to be independent from topology. See the “Face rigging and shapekeys” part on this article:

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This is great. I like new topology and textures for models. Much more realistic than previous. Will be textures HI res? It would be cool to have separate textures for body and head like in daz models (or maby - head, body, limbs). If one need to pack all parts in single texture (optimising system resources for real time rendering) it could be easily done with default blender UV editor. And those who needs close views (for example in his movie or static render) will get nice HI res image. Higher quality is always better. Anyway your project become really solid it can compete with “monster” DAZ products. And greatest part ManuelBastioni lab is FREE! You guys are real heroes! :slight_smile:

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Yes. You can see a preview of results in the video that I linked some posts ago (August, 29).

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True - though I tend to struggle with MBL and real life reference images when the desired placement of facial features fall beyond the ranges available within each parameter in MBL. For example, a lot of reference images I have used require a large forehead size that is unattainable within MBL without having to compensate by compressing the Head_SizeZ to avoid a comically large head.

This can be fixed after model generation I suppose, but I want to get as close as possible within MBL first. It would be fantastic if software could figure out how to proportion each parameter within the limits to match a reference image, rather than fighting against the sliders!

(Manuel) #1509

This sounds like a problem about the area of influence of the morph, not related to the range of values. The new characters in version 1.7 will have a new morph library modeled from scratch. It will improve and expand the current library with new parameters, with the aim to cover most of cases.

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Again :- )
My newest work with MLAB. Thanks Manuel :- )
Used Blender 2.8 eevee for rendering this time. I used the Meta rig for MLAB by Daniel Enger as well:

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Hello everyone, is there any way to pose a Manuel Bastioni Lab character and export both the mesh and posed amateur to Marvelous Designer?. I’ve tried exporting as a collada but the amateur pose is lost even though I manage to get the mesh deformed properly via applying modifiers just before export.
Here are some pictures of what I’m saying.

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After installing blender 2.79b (latest version), I succeeded in registering as an add-on.
However, “manuelbastionilab” is not displayed in “Tool shelf” column.
I do not know what to do.
Could you advise everyone?
(I will attach a screenshot.)

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It has been awhile since I’ve used the Lab with MD, but I have some notes. First, you need to get rid of the Shape Keys while you are in Blender. Select ‘Join as Shapes’ and then delete all the Shape Keys.

You also have to apply the armature to get it to stick for MD. In Pose mode > Pose Menu > Apply Pose as Rest pose.

I was exporting as Collada out of Blender then importing into MD selecting the mm option. The character used to come in rotated face down on the floor in MD, however, today I did it and it was right side up. Perhaps Blender, LAB or MD has changed something ??

I’m using Blender 2.79b, MD 7.5, LAB 1.6.1a. Hope that helps.

(NatalieMcCormick) #1515

We will report on this issue as resolved.
When using “blender 2.78 (64 bit)” “manuelbastionilab - 161 a” was displayed in the column.
I will do the operation from now, but at that time I may report again.

(Manuel) #1516

Have you uninstalled previous versions of the lab before the installation of 1.6.1a?
Anyway lab issues are printed in Blender system console.

(Manuel) #1517

The lab is not changed, but I don’t know about exporters and other software.

(NatalieMcCormick) #1518

I uninstalled blender last year.
However, I do not remember whether I uninstalled lab.
Perhaps it was a problem, but now it works without problems.
I thank you for confirmation.

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Features planned for future releases

Automodelling system to face. First prototype of auto face modelling.

This is an article in Russian about how the generation of a face mesh from one photo works in general.
What is curious is that the deformable (morphing) mesh is “tweaked” until it looks like a photo. That is exactly what is needed in our case.
The article is in Russian, but the Google translator must cope.
I hope it will be useful.Sorry for my english.

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Brief intro: by no means I could be called a graphic designer, I’m first and foremost a software dev that is making his own game (as many do) and would like to have some tool that does a convincing modeling job.
I’ve been playing around with MBL since v1.5 and it has been a great tool so far for prototyping, so: Thanks Manuel. Great job!

I have a couple of question/consideration:

MBL & Cycles render, as expected, lead to great results, however moving the assets, for example, to UE4 makes them lose a lot of detail (materials first and foremost).
Some tricks can be used (e.g. lighten the diffuse in order to reach a more realistic skin tone) but the overall result is never quite convincing.

Given the Beta of Blender 2.8 (and with it the Eevee engine) is on its way I would like to know what are, on a high level, the plans for the MBL when it comes to the materials.
From the official page I’ve seen that down the 1.7 road some material/texture improvements are scheduled and I was wondering if there was any plan on shifting to the usage of the Principled BSDF / PBR shaders.
It would make migrating across render engines a way easier job requiring only minor tweaks here and there.
At that point it would be also easier to integrate cycles-rendered scenes in real-time rendered ones or come up with similar mixes.

The model on Turbosquid are “unofficially compatible” (summary of FAQ 5.1) with MBL.
Are you planning on updating them to make them “unofficially compatible” with the 1.7 base models? (and, eventually, officially compatible)

Sorry for the long post and thanks Manuel for all the work you’ve done so far. Keep it up!

(NumesSanguis) #1521

It has been a while since I’ve posted an update about FACSvatar, an open source framework that uses MBLAB models to have real-time facial animation, and I wanted to share this video:

The video itself is already a bit older, but the code at that time was a mess. Now I’ve made the code better and improved the documentation, so that’s why I waited with sharing it here.
Code can found at GitHub:

Manuel Bastioni Lab is officially abandoned :(