Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


(smokedawg) #1602

I am still shocked I believed the models generated were CC0. It all falls down to the fact the code is not ours (the community) and the neither the models generated. @Manuel should realize asking people to fund him on his own project with his name on it is not the same as asking the world to help on a project which is everyones right and everyone is using it but no one seems to be contributing which would justify saying F.U. I am done then. No team… his name… his project… his credits… Big difference, so if he decides to open the project into the public domain I myself and many others will pick it up for all its hard work as no one would spend time on something masquerading with the title open source as so many things are. Something is either free or restricted (I got into a heated debate with richard stallman over this) so I rather sound like an ass and say this project is worth nothing. We can all use daz3d and not have rights, using MBLab was a choice of losing a quality base model in exchange for having complete rights to the product you produce for a client. Atleast if the models were cc0 the code could stay licensed as is and developing the project further would still result in progress for the public domain. Not the code, not the models generated? Shame on me for not reading the licensing thinking it was the same as the old make human, and shame on you @Manuel for acting butt hurt on some emo tip when asking the public to fund your own name instead of spending that extra time making models they have the rights to. Shade be thrown your way, garbage. Sitting here reading day after day and you dont even respond to the people. Garbage man, garbage project. Dont even release it to the public, let it die with your emo rage on the community. Free information, free software, free inventions… not restrict them, license them, patent or copywrite them, put your name on it.
Something should either be licensed or unlicensable as in free forever for everyone for anything. Screw all licenses. Garbage.

(calembendell) #1604

If you’re hoping @Manuel will change the license to allow community development, then raging about the license is not just incredibly rude but also counter productive.

The AGPL license for the codebase was well reasoned as it ensures improvements by other groups would also be made public and ensures a third party doesn’t integrate the models into a for profit tool.
Personally I disagree with the licensing choice, but it fit the use case and was never an issue because Manuel never wanted to collaborate with anyone anyway.
If you’re going to voice an opinion about it you should do so with polite discussion, even if you intend to rage quit after.

I understand this is a frustrating experience for everyone, especially for those who have never had a project they used “die” on them, but taking out your frustrations on this forum isn’t appropriate.
I’m no moderator, but please guys don’t take out your frustrations on Manuel or other Blender Artists users.
Nobody here deserves that.

(NumesSanguis) #1605

@Fweeb On that license guide it states

it’s possible to choose, for CHARACTERS generated by the OFFICIAL[*] the Attribution 4.0 International, giving to Manuel Bastioni the credit as required by that license software (bold and capital letters by me)

It explains official as:

Many people have been using MBLAB’s models as-is, meaning the models are CC4.0. In this forum and FB you can see a big USER base, not a big developer community.
I don’t think that many people mind that the code base to generate the models is AGPL, but licensing is relevant in relation to the models (CC4.0 or AGPL).

People wanting to contribute in code will have noticed that MB preferred to stay the sole coder (according to him due to the difficulties of managing copyright for contributions by different people).

having complete rights to the product you produce for a client

@smokedawg why would he and the open source community care that you’re making money by pretending you made the models. MB spend a lot of effort in making this add-on. If you’re going to use it, it would be a minimal courtesy to give him some credits, so I think CC4.0 is perfectly fine. Too bad that’s only limited to the official version though.

(semlan) #1606

iiuc it should be noted that for exporting to 2d the license does not follow. So for movies, pics etc you decide the license yourself.
Licensing has always been clearly shown on his web

(minek124) #1607

People uses this addon because of CC4.0 license which is fine for me, but when we fork and start adding new new features then CC4.0 is no longer valid, only AGPL for output models. We still can use v 1.6.1a with CC4.0 licensed models.
AGPL is evil license :slight_smile:

(English is not my native language) #1608

Maybe for you. It is very likely that Manuel intentionally chose the license just to prevent what you want to do with code and models.

(sleeper g) #1609

That video is soooo hot.

(sleeper g) #1610

I tell you, I’m a broke individual in heavy debt trying to create 3d content to not only fulfill a dream but also to start a career doing something I love. The lab was a God send for someone like me as my sculpting and modeling skills aren’t near the level of Manuel’s. It helped me focus on learning the other part’s of Blender such as cloth sims and hair as well as other areas needed for creating an animation. My heart broke when I heard the lab was over as I’ve grown dependant on it. So much so that I’d find a way to buy 1.7 if Manuel would consider making it. If there ever was an add-on that deserved to be paid it’s definitely the lab in my opinion.

(Pedro Lucas Andrade) #1611

I made a code just to save and load de pose json file, i hope this will help:

import bpy
import json

def load_json_2_bones(path = ‘’,object_name = ‘Cube’):
json_file = json.load(open(path,‘r’))# One tab here
for bone in[object_name].pose.bones:# One tab here
print(json_file[])# Two tabs here
bone.rotation_quaternion = json_file[]# Two tabs here

def save_pose_2_json(path = ‘’,object_name = ‘Cube’):
json_file = {}# One tab here
for bone in[object_name].pose.bones:# One tab here
print(bone.rotation_quaternion[0])# Two tabs here
json_file[] = [bone.rotation_quaternion[0],bone.rotation_quaternion[1],bone.rotation_quaternion[2],bone.rotation_quaternion[3],]# Two tabs here
print(json_file[])# Two tabs here

json.dump(json_file,open(path,'w'))# One tab here



(Alas-Infinitas) #1612


A new version of the fork has been published. animate1978/MB-Lab

It seems that simple changes have been made.

(Peetie) #1613

After clicking on the green button, you will see: Download Zip. Is that what you mean?

(Alas-Infinitas) #1614


Thanks for the reply.

The green button is to clone the project, I was referring to a zip file to install the addon in blender.

Sorry for not writing clearly, that’s why I edited the post.

(Peetie) #1615

When I click the green button that says “Clone or Download” then I see two options: Left-bottom: Open in Desktop and Right-Bottom; Download Zip. Just downloaded the zip a few minutes ago.

(Alas-Infinitas) #1616

You’re right.

Thanks again.


The new versions are primarily skin shader improvements. The next version 1.6.5 will be a release on Github, this will have the new shader network based on Principled BSDF, however it needs some coding work in order to load new texture maps planned for this release as well so it may be some time before it this one is completed.

(sleeper g) #1618

My computer is down but I’m interested in knowing exactly what this code does. Will you please explain?

(calembendell) #1619

For those who plan to use an unofficial version of ManuelBastioniLAB and thus accept that the resulting models will be AGPL, you may find the below repositories useful.
It includes all of the code necessary to generate character packages and load them on the fly in Unreal Engine.
This means you can incorporate characters from an unofficial fork of ManuelBastioniLAB into an otherwise proprietary project, respecting the AGPL licensing by maintaining the character packages as a separate entity and providing the original character models to your users.

Something similar could be implemented in Unity, Godot, etc.

Fork of ManuelBastioniLAB that simplifies the interface and has a script that automatically exports and packages models for Unreal Engine. Relies on the below.

Plugin for Unreal Engine that provides a base skeleton and textures for BastioniLAB characters. Includes code that can parse the lab’s metadata files for a character and apply some of the eye and skin settings to a character with a PBR shader.

Parses metadata for a character in an export folder from the EasyBastioniLAB and creates a plugin scaffold for Unreal Engine.
Is called by EasyBastioniLAB to package character files on the fly.

Documentation for code to load package files at runtime.
Designed for loading character modules.

(Ken Schafer) #1620

I was unable to get the latest version of Blender to Run on my computer with an ATI FireGL card so I went back one version to blender 2.78 (win64) and it launched fine.

I was able to install ManuelBastioniLAB and when I go to the View3D I see all the options but when I click INIT Character it “thinks” for a while then silently shuts down. I’d really like to try your system; what would you recommend?

(Tom Telos) #1621

Calembendell: Does your unofficial version still work?

While Manuel gets over his depression --we hope!–
is there a way to download a complete Bastioni Lab ??

(calembendell) #1622

Hullooo @Tom_Telos,

My version should be functional in Blender 2.79, but it’s a pretty heavily modified version designed specifically to work for Unreal Engine and to simplify the interface (in ways with which I don’t necessarily agree).

I recommend looking at this fork of the lab here:
It works with Blender 2.8 with its latest version, which I also recommend using (it’s a lot more stable than ‘Beta’ would imply).
There is also a direct download link to the latest version developed by Manuel Bastioni in the readme of the project.

I love the direction the MB-Lab fork is going, and it should be the defacto “new” Manuel Bastioni Lab experience until something new with better licensing arrives.