Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


(Tom Telos) #1623

Fascinating; THANK you!

Right now, I’m plunging into a major 6-month (or longer) interruption,
so I may not be ready for this until towards the end of 2019,
but I sure hope that this Lab continues, even if doesn’t get any major new features.

Blender itself got orphaned and resurrected, and Poser has had more than one
change of ownership, so, if a piece of software is deemed special enough,
it may well get a life of its own, so to speak.

(calembendell) #1624

Unfortunately, ManuelBastioniLAB isn’t a good candidate for resurrection due to licensing issues.

(just gonna change this so effort on other projects is not reduced until more things are finalized- previously discussed the possibility of a new project replacing manuelbastionilab)

(Tom Telos) #1625


WOW !!

(Neutronux) #1626

I wish Manuel all the best. This project was a gem.

(edgarej) #1627

I love you Manuel, and I wish you the best.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1628

So sad to hear this project went the way of the Dodo, I wish that his financial concerns had been discussed here, I would have loved to help!