Manuel Bastioni Lab, turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


(Tom Telos) #1623

Fascinating; THANK you!

Right now, I’m plunging into a major 6-month (or longer) interruption,
so I may not be ready for this until towards the end of 2019,
but I sure hope that this Lab continues, even if doesn’t get any major new features.

Blender itself got orphaned and resurrected, and Poser has had more than one
change of ownership, so, if a piece of software is deemed special enough,
it may well get a life of its own, so to speak.

(calembendell) #1624

Unfortunately, ManuelBastioniLAB isn’t a good candidate for resurrection due to licensing issues.

(just gonna change this so effort on other projects is not reduced until more things are finalized- previously discussed the possibility of a new project replacing manuelbastionilab)

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WOW !!

(Neutronux) #1626

I wish Manuel all the best. This project was a gem.

(edgarej) #1627

I love you Manuel, and I wish you the best.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1628

So sad to hear this project went the way of the Dodo, I wish that his financial concerns had been discussed here, I would have loved to help!

(nomax5) #1629

MB Labs Hands becomming deformed
I wonder if anyone can help or give me any ideas on how to solve this problem
I’m Exporting MB Labs model from blender to Unity using FBX
Everything is fine until I animate the character.

This is what the avatar looks like in mechanim

This is in the scene

These images what it looks like animated
All MB Labs character have hands like this I’ve tried all sorts of FBX export options.

any help greatly appreciated I’ve been stuck for days with this …



(0o00o0oo) #1630

I didn’t know, but it appears both the website and Facebook page has gone offline.

For those who somehow aren’t aware, this project has been abandoned by its developer. However, there’s a new fork to follow: MB-Lab 1.7.1 Release for Blender 2.80, so should discuss issues there.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1631

Not only the web page and FB pages, but the YouTube videos as well, looks like Manuel had quite a fit here, I can understand that he wants to regain his web page or even his FB page, but why delete the videos?

(0o00o0oo) #1632

Wow, I didn’t know he also removed the videos. That’s unfortunate that he was this negatively affected.

Well, I wish him the best with whatever he goes on to do next. Just wish he would’ve made more visible and longer effort for community support for this add-on after having had invested so much time into developing it. Would’ve been win-win for everyone.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1633

So do I, a pity though, some of these videos we’re excellent, like the one showing how to rig a high hell!

(angavrilov) #1634

Well, this mass deletion of everything feels like a temper tantrum to me I’m afraid.

More importantly, it also may have rendered the tool legally unusable even for rendering images, because I don’t think that the whole theory that rendered images aren’t derivate works is legally sound, so it works only if interpreted as an explicit exception to the licence, and now the page that contaned it is gone. And the site was excluded from and google caching too.

Edit: it seems the page was copied here, but I don’t know how legally effective that is without proof of source.

(Neutronux) #1635

The fork forces the exports to be AGPL (as long as they use the base models from Manuel). Only versions released on the official page got an exclusion for the exports. That means for example the exports from the fork are not useable in UE4.

(gquentin) #1636

And closing website and preventing users from downloading lab is very very weird … Manual just disappeared. It is a nonsense.

(gquentin) #1637

But why closing your web site and preventing users from using and continuing your work?

It looks like the root cause is not the lack of money.

(Jason van Gumster) #1638

This thread has run its course (and there are plenty of other threads on this topic). If you’d like to continue to discuss the fork, you can do so in the thread that’s already been mentioned.

In the meantime, this thread is closed.

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