Manuel Waiter WIP

I’ve been working on this model now on and off for quite some time, probably about 3 weeks, or 2-3 days combined. I used Modo first to create the basic shapes and then exported out to blender when I needed to do some more complex work to save my self time. So why am I using Modo at all you might ask, well I am going to be starting some work experience in a couple of weeks and the studios main modeling tool is Modo. I just love Blender too much not to use it in this project.
Ok so the character himself is inspired by Pixar and especially their short Presto. The model is unfinished and you can see clearly that the hand geometry needs to be reworked as the edge flow around the fingers in horrible and not suitable for animation. Any comments and crits more than welcome.

Hey guys, in this update I reworked the hands to make then look more solid in their pose. The sleeves have now been modeled in and also most of the shoe laces minus the actual bow part of the laces ( the part you tie). Then all I’ll have left to do is model the waistcoat.

A close friend of mine has offered to rig the character for me as he wants to use the character for his own animation work.

Let me know of any changes that I might make to the model to make it a better and a stronger piece. Peace!


heres a couple of renders of the hands

Looking very good. No critiques here at all.

Thanks friend :slight_smile:

Haven’t done a whole lot since last time. I have sculpted some hair detail and created normal map for it to use in Blender, I retopologised the head in Blender using the shrink wrap method which works surprisingly well. I used rigify to get a quick rig going just to put Manuel in another pose to see how he would look more relaxed.

It’s looking great! Subscribed!

thanks dude

Amazing render and good character design!

thank you so much. The character started as a very quick sketch you can see it on my blog,