ManuelbastioniLAB for 2.8 beta not appearing in tools

I installed the latest version (1.7.0) which is indicated to be compatible with 2.8 Beta. It appears in the add-ons panel and I can select it to enable it. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear in ‘tools’ . I’ve restarted many times and saved preferences each time, but it stubbornly refuses to appear across the top where it’s supposed to. Is it possible to start it from the add-ons folder?
Thanks for any help folks.

I had that very same problem, then I hit N and there it was, beneath View and Fast Carve (vertical) tabs.

:man_facepalming: I had the tool shelf hidden. What a doofy mistake. Thanks for the reminder.

Where can you get a copy of the 1.7.0 version now?

Never mind, I found it…

So far it works well except that I can’t get any poses after figure creation to work. It keeps saying ‘Select the figure’ even though I’ve selected the beejeezus out of the figure. It must be a glitch. I can just use it in 2.78 for now.

Ah, another bug. Sorry guys, I am trying to get to each and try to solve them. Got some really weird ones that I just cannot reproduce on my end, so it’s been slow on the bug fix area lately.

step 1 : download file, unzip the file and rename the dictionary name to mb-lab, this step is very important.
step 2: copy the mb-lab dictionary included files to blender 2.8 script\addons

I just grabbed the latest one from GitHub and it’s grown in a week from 77MB to 287MB! There must have been a lot of work done recently. Thanks for the tip.

New clothing assets were added which accounts for the sudden increase in size

Thanks for that news. Is there a site somewhere that tracks the add-on? GitHub is kinda geeky and full of dev talk that I find a bit incomprehensible.
I’d also like to donate to the project if I could. I’d hate to see it abandoned again. I sympathize with Manuel.

No there is no external site that tracks MB-Lab, it’s all Github. I am thinking of making a site for MB-Lab though, now that Manuel has shut down that too.

I personally have used MakeHuman and ManuelBastioniLAB off and on since they both started, even though until now I really did not use them much. So when he decided to stop developing I had this urge to post it on GitHub and keep it going, at least try to. Manuel has his reasons to stop and even if we disagree with his choice, we do have the choice to continue since it is open source. This is also why I named it MB-Lab instead of something new, to keep that legacy, we owe him that much.

If you want to contribute but don’t want to join GitHub, you can message me and I can send you my email address if you prefer, depending on what you want to contribute, I can setup a google drive if anything. If it is the Python code you want to contribute it is strongly encouraged to join GitHub.

I tried MH but thought that the results weren’t very good. MB is much superior in my opinion because the figures look so much more realistic.
I’m hoping that there are others involved in this with you. My intent is to provide a bit of financial support since I do make a few bucks off the figures (I make art deco statues from the figures and incorporate them into items for use in Poser and Studio). I’m by no means a programmer so joining GitHub would be a waste. If you have a PayPal account I’d like to send you twenty bucks. If you’re in Canada I can send you a Timmies gift card. Those are always appreciated after a day spent pushing a snowblower up and down the driveway. :tired_face: