Many Keys, One Door (Kingdom Hearts Themed Blender guru competition WIP)

my entry is based on the game Kingdom Hearts
to start, some Keyblades
Kingdom Key:

pretty much done


Probably going to put more detail on this one

Metal Chocobo:

Also more or less done

critique welcome

pretty good, but there might be a topology problem with the bottom one. you probably need to make loop cuts near the edges of the holes.

two more key blades:

still need to be textured

quick render of the scene:

need to work on the lighting, textures, and background (sky)

Two more:

Needs texture work



Guardian Soul:

More or less done

Bond of Flame:

Done (ignore the cubes)

Nice seeing someone else making something Kingdom Hearts related (Personally i’m working on something a little bit more Org XIII and Xion themed).
Shouldn’t you texture all of your keybaldes before rendering? Also, you forgot the keychains.

I textured them (sort of) i just forgot to post them here.

heres the final scene:

I figured the key chains were pretty much unnoticeable in this scene

Looks good :smiley: I think you should add a subdivision surface to the moon and add a glow to it in the node editor.
And then you just need to change it to what you think looks good with the scene!

Other than that Great Job!

I was thinking about Lionheart and Fenrir. Also try getting more light on the keyblades (oblivion). If you’re not using the keychains you might as well remove the keychain from Kingdom Key too. Also if you’re aiming for THAT night on destiny island, try adding some for and making the overall scene a little bit more blue, just a little bit.

@Nathan: How do i do that to just the moon? I’m not very experienced with the compositor.

@Katrix: just finished texturing fenrir, and im replacing lionheart. i agree on the lighting i think making the moon bigger and backlighting all the keyblades will help

Looking great now