Many problems, Can't report any of them

Things Blender cannot do properly anymore:

  • Ctrl+p with automatic weights = Origin of mesh changes from bottom to center. Mesh is a box with all transforms applied. Can’t reproduce.

  • In object mode, select the rig, then select the mesh, select then weight paint mode, bones are still in object mode. Can’t reproduce.

  • Shift select bone does nothing in weight paint mode as bones still not in pose mode. Can’t reproduce.

  • Bones displays as wire, selects solid, still stays in wire. Can’t reproduce.

All these events happened today alone, how was your day using Blender?

Rather than hyperbole…some contextual info would be nice:

Now lets see, can you please denote the particular build/version? and/or filed bug reports or have you specifically error checked each individual issue step by step?

plus also consult pertinent documentation, as well?

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2-3 is because in order to click-select bones in Weight Paint, Armature modifier with a skeleton specified must be present on a mesh. 4 - there are per-Object viewport display settings, such as forcing Wire as the maximum level of quality for that object. Cant explain 1 from your description, but sure that was your mess up too.

It’s the latest version 3.2.0, I have done step by step to reproduce my bugs, that whole list I made was all the bugs I got in one day. I tried to remake all of them and got no results, everything it works as it should, until I actually want to do real work and then it will fail.

And if you mean documentation like reading for similar problems. I found bones stays as wire was a bug report from 2019

“Closing due to lack of information to investigate the issue”
What am I to do with such information?

It was closed due to being non-reproducible… you can comment on it and say that you were able to reproduce it, though

I reproduce the steps to reproduce the bug, but it doesn’t, it ends up working as it should. It’s something else, that is the only criteria they can ask of the bug reporter. Maybe something is out of date driver wise, who knows.