Many thanks!

My final year project is up and running, its been marked, and I get my results for my degree tomorrow. The project occupies one room in Winchester School of Art and its called the ‘House of the Future’.

It uses blender controlling three projectors through a Matrox triplehead2go, a Velleman USB card through some relays which controls a mains lamp through a wireless remote control, a DVD player and motorised photographic developement tray. The input is from 5 security motion sensors.

What amazes me is for someone whos so crap a programming ( and you should see the code :eyebrowlift2: ) it not only works but it doesn’t crash. (It does seem to be picking up ghosts sometimes.)

I would just like to thank everyone whose helped me over the last year and a half. I have created an strange interactive beast from you wisdom. If you are in Winchester over the next week from the 21st you can come and see it.

Sadly I’ve been so busy doing final prep stuff that I haven’t shot any decent video of it yet so here are some ominous screen shots…
hope you get to see it and many thanks