map a map

Hi ,
I want to make the game similar to google earth .There are maps and one earth in the game window . As I click on the earth,it will present the corresponding point in the map . Thanks for any enlightenment :slight_smile:

I can help you maybe with the click and drag part. …

wait, so you just want it to give you coordinates when you click on a part? or do you want it to pull up a map of the corresponding place, or just zoom in, or what? regardless of the post count issue, you might want to give a bit more information about what you want.

Boy the worlds an awfully big place to try to do something like that in the GE.
So the world would be full of planes…
I think the only way you can do it is to zoom in, and with each zoom you can click a plane, to zoom in further untill you dont need to anymore. IMHO.

Google Earth in its present form took the work of a team of full time coders and a community that made custom content 100’s of hours to do. It would take forever for just one guy to do a copy of Google Earth as advanced as the actual program.

I am sorry,the information that I offer isnt clearly I just wnat to "rotate earth and click on the earth,it will present the corresponding point on the map ".No need to zoom it ,but this is a good idea to make my game more abundant in the future. To Turin Turambar : could you help me with the click and drag part,maybe I would use it .THX:)
Thanks for any enlightenment :slight_smile: