Map Controling textures

Hello, have posted some questions now and then and the comunity has been awsome! i have a new one now.

I would like to know if a map control animated texture can be done. Let me explain further more.

Imagine a map with trees and grass, a normal landscape, and you have to oposing forces, a fire drive one and a ice diven one for an easy example, while the two forces gain map control the controlled zones, the landscape actualy dont change, but the trees goes form an actual tree to a iced tree, so is the ground, and for the fire side, the trees goes carbon.

Is there a way of doing this or it would be very dificult.

I´ve been learing python scripting for the past 3 months, just starting to get into de bge python, want to do this right, but sometime pop some gameplay ideas and would like to post them here to see de posibility of doing them. Maybe they can be done but would be very dificult for the engine to process them, dont know! hope some one can give me a light in the posibility of this.

If the concept does not get quiet understand, tell me and i would work in some art work for illustrat the idea.

Best regards! And thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

simple way is to have 3 different textruesf for ur objects in question, and blend between them. hard way to have different meshes for each obj and swap them. plus the latter.

u may need to do that anyway. ex: if tree goes carbon, do u still want the leaves? i assume no. hence swap meshes.

The mesh will not change, only the texture, still would like to mantain the “alive” stand of the map, just turning it into an other “material” for putting in it in some way.

The idea is that mesh dont change, because you could lose map control to the opposite side or you could just leave that part and it will go back to its natural state.

And i know that mesh replacment would be a resource consumer, and i dont want that.

But mesh will not change, just de texture.

Object color and a node texture will do what you want, as it allows you to blend between textures and materials with a lot more control than ‘normal’ materials. They do cost more processing power though.
Then you can set the object color in python, or sample it rom a texture.

Thanks a lot both your replies! I will be trying the node texture, because i actually need it to blend so it doesent look to “hard” when map control is happening! Thanks a lot. Will try it myself if i dont achive a good result will be asking again for some orientation.


Hello again, sorry bringing back this post i posted a couple of weeks ago. I´ve been trying but could not achive what i have in my mind. Maybe my inexperience with game making at a hole jajaja. If some one could give me some hints of the above ideas would be great, im posting some images of what i exacly want. The map changes (also trees, ground, and any nature element of the enviroment to an other texture, the example using is forest to ice enviroment, but not the entire map, only a part where a object or seed is planted and that zone goes to an other state, keeping all the “assests” placed but diferente enviroment.

A photo.

Thx a lot.