Map editor images

When i am in the map editor i can’t seem to get rid of the images I press X but it remains in the menu If i try to replace ( example I tried to replace a jpg with a png same name but it won’t work. I tried doing this in edit mode and object mode. Is there a way to clean out the menu of images in the map editor???


They do tend to stick around. If the image has no users, it’s supposed to go away after a few loads of the blend, but it doesn’t seem to work all the time. I get rid of them by unpacking all data into external files, then deleting the images I’m not using.

this annoys me to no end! theres no way to completely remove an image from within blender?

When a texture/image has no users a circle will appear beside the name. This acts as two things, it lets you know you have removed all the users of the texture and that if you re-open the blend your texture will have been deleted. I find it rather annoying, especially when you lose one of the users of an image, but it’s still a fairly nice system.

In 2.49 all you can do is delete the image (in all materials), and save -> reopen several times to get rid of it completely.

In 2.5 you can force remove by pressing Shift+Click X

oh 2.5 has that feature? thats good to know. thanks sago