Map for Halo

Here’s a map I started modeling for Halo Custom Edition a few days ago. There aren’t any textures yet and much of the map is still plain, but I mostly want to know if it’s a good start at least. Here are some links to renders on ImageShack. I’ve added a base for each team and some basic terrain so far.

A top down view of the map
A view of the fortress base
A view from the rooftop on the outpost base
A view of inside the fortress base.
A view of the outpost base exterior

That’s all for now, but I do have another problem. Is there any way to export textured models from blender to the .3ds format or at the very least the format used by GMAX? I need it so I can export the model of the map into the format used by Halo so I can compile it and get it in game.

great!!! but seriously, that map is to small! there’s got to be some edges at the sides of the map with ladders/teleports to it.(good for sniping and stuff) a way around the fortress would also help. what about a creek in the middle? some big stones to hide or as obstacle. and an inside of the fort were supplies can be found.(i mean doorways and halls)
i know what i’m talking about cause i have halo myself, and i had halo ce. it’s a great start but i would say it’s far from finished.
textures can make it or brake this map so i would choose them wisely. the fortresses look cool btw.

What is Halo Custom Edition ?Is it an expansion for the game

Halo Custom Edition is a stand-alone game, actually. It’s like Halo PC but it has some improvements to the netcode, faster shaders, and some other improvements, the main feature being it’s ability to support user created maps. Halo CE doesn’t have a single player mode and is only for multiplayer, but you need to have the Halo PC CD in order to install it.

Thanks a lot for the comments M-K, I’ll take what you said into consideration because you are right about the map from being far from done, and chances are I’m going to be tweaking everything along the way. You might be right about the map being a bit too small though. Who knows, I might deside to completely re-do the terrain and only keep the bases the same because all it is right now is a rectangle with mountains on either end.

I forgot the map .Well even untextured it looks pretty good

add guns at entrances! i don’t think people will use them much, but its fun! make sure you can’t hit people from the one base to the other one, cause that makes the game boring. example: blood gulch, you can see the other base if you jump, thats why they made the hills so high in the middle, you cant kill people that easy from great distance.(this is only ment for the haloheads :stuck_out_tongue: )