Map Input Tangent?


what purpose has the setting “Tangent” in the Map Input Panel? Are there any releasenotes I’ve missed? Any hidden information from any developer?

I can’t figure out what’s it for.

With kind regards

Would you please be so kind, and point me where on the page the Map Input Tangent is explained? It’s neither mentioned there, nor it is used in the example file.

Please :confused:

The whole top half of the page is for tangent shading. That’s where the brushed metal textures on that page are derived from. I couldn’t make much of it either. If you’re wondering why it doesn’t seem to work, first apply at least one seam to your mesh and then unwrap it. Next, in edit mode select all faces and activate the “Set Smooth” button on the links and materials tab in the edit buttons (F9). Finally, be sure that you have activated the “Tangent V” button on the SHADERS tab in the material buttons (F5). Any more info than that will require that you do a search on this forum or a response from another user, but it will begin to give you visible results at this point.
If you only wanted to know what that Tangent button is for on the map input pannel, sorry, but your guess is as good as mine cuz I can’t get it to make a lick of difference.

Yes, this is it what I would like to know. I do know how to use the tangent Vector, it’s just the Map Input setting that I don’t get.

And there isn’t a single word about it anywhere, though I have searched high and low.

It seems the Map Input Tangent works only if you have TangentV activated and made UV coordinates. But I don’t know the relationship between the UV coordinates and the tangent vector.

If you use a customised blend-texture it kind of follows the brushed metal effect, but I can’t describe the effect or tell what it could be used for.

So any insight is very much appreciated.

I don’t think it’s working correctly. Today it actually did make a difference for me…when it wanted to. It was functioning in the same manner that renderlayers do in the nodes compositor, like a visibility flag. It seems the button in the shaders pannel was the master toggle and the button in the map input pannel was the toggle per texture applied to the material. Sometimes though, I can’t get tangent to work at all and just have to live without it or start another file. There’s a lot of freaky-deaky weirdness going on here and there in Blender . Sometimes it’s smooth sailing for me but then I have days like today; all I could get it to do was crash. Tomorrow it probably wont show any signs of food poisoning though.