map old,map new,automatic time.etc

(F12) #1

someone knows how to use map old,map new,automatic time,time offset and pr speed?

thank you

(theeth) #2

it allows you to make your animation slower or faster as a whole.

Basicly, here’s how it works:

  • Blender will take each [Map Old] frames and compress or expand them on [Map New] frames

  • pr speed replace the number in white on top of it by the speed of the active object (the speed is in blender units / frame)

  • Automatic time: I’ve got no clue about what it does

  • Time Offset: set a delay (or a gain) in time between the actual animation and what will be rendered.


(eeshlo) #3

The ‘Automatic time’ button will add time offsets to all selected objects, using the time offset of the last selected object as base time offset, and the’Total time’ button is then used to add time offsets to all objects like this:
base + total_time/number_of_objects
So if the last selected object has a time offset of 0.0, and there are four objects selected, and you use a total time of 25, the objects would have time offsets of: 0.0, 6.25, 12.5, 18.75

At least that is what I think happens, I don’t know the official explanation.