Map- Please HELP!

Hi guys!, Most of peapole that have played Space Shooter games must have seen that theyr HUD’s have an Map, well that define with Red Dots the enemyes in the area, and Green Dots the Friend Ships in the Area, And the dots move their position Acording to the one of the enemy, Please can somebody tell me hoe to do it and Give me an Example file? PLEASE HELP! :smiley:

search for minimap

I made a minimap system for the Asteracers project. I used a python script. :rolleyes:

Wow thanks!, I will use it in my game ( i will give you credit in the credits of the game), i just have an question…Did i can add more Red Dots in the map?, like adding more enemies?

Yep, you can add more enemies :slight_smile:
Two add a new enemy to the map, you have to do this:

► Give the new enemy object a new string property and name it “map”. It’s value should be “redcircle2”.
► It should already work now. But I’ll explain what this means and how you can add more than three enemies.
► This string refers to an object located in the “HUD”-scene. Go to the “HUD”-scene.
► You’ll find the minimap object. It’s children are the minimap icons that can move around the map. The children are currently a green arrow and three red dots. One of these red dots is called “redcircle2”.
► If you want more than three enemies, you should add more red dots (or whatever shape/color you want to use). Parent this icon object to the minimap and make sure the enemy’s map property refer to the object name of the minimap icon.
► Each icon object also has a bool property “direction”. This indicates whether the enemy direction should also be copied to the icon.

I hope this helps :wink: