Map teleport or character transfer?


How can I have my “character or block” transfer to other blend files or would I just have to append the maps? If I have to append, then…how do I teleport to the other maps?

Thank you,

I’m guessing you’re talking about changing maps in-game, say, for example when you character is done with a map, change to a new one. There are numerous methods of doing this, but I will just explain the methods that don’t require any coding (python). You can:

  1. put the same character on all the scenes with a new map, when you character is done, change the map using the Scene actuator
  2. Have all the maps in the layer, when done, delete the current map and make the other ones visible and non-ghost (usually will take up a ton of latency)
  3. If you want to add the character to different blend files that contain your maps, use the Game->Load from file actuator