Map update [zero consequences]

Well this is an update in progress of my game (still in progress… yes…) I was planning to use GLSL but I had some problems with mist and objects with normal maps, it seems to be rendered ( objects) over the mist… and it looks so weird.

well, here is the video.

P.d: I use and make some modifications to Social’s FPS template, Thanks social :cool:.

Pretty cool man!

wah @_@ ! , you are still alive ¿

you were working on this game since years !!! ah

M_O <<<< why would this one express being amazid ? , lol

yesterday or before yesterday , i just was opening those old file which was downloaded from this site , and i have re-seen the MOV file where you go down the elevator between those barrels, a demo movie of the game , @_@ , do you remember me ?

ok , cool work man , glad to hear from this project :slight_smile:
keep working , Good luck

the textures are fantstic, great work.
that is a huge scene! how many polys?

dude can I download this?

Nice. Very nice. I can’t wait for this to be released (I’d buy it, I bought Blacksite…)

Hey, pardon for asking, but what is your method of fall damage sensing?

@ Turin Turambar
Thanks Turin :slight_smile:

Yes! I remember you :), and well…I still alive :stuck_out_tongue: but I cannot finish it because I decided to wait a more stable version of blender, and since 2.44 it works better, but had to remake some logic. and well… my AI seems to be very heavy to be handled, with 3 enemy I get a very poor performance.
And I was working in a Game Studio, and have to leave some personal projects… but Zcon still in my head.

Thanks 3DGURU ;), good luck to you too

@ blackhawk0900
Thanks :slight_smile: the textures are the same in this demo, and it has aprox. 20,400 faces (not tri’s), I handled with manual object culling and camera clipping, that’s why I use mist.

@ tcrazy
Not yet :o, sorry

@ Bluesocarrot
Hey! you bought BlackSite?.. nice game… uh? :wink:

@ Zeglr Ecklefish
Sure, no problem.

when the player is going down in the video, I have some sensors in each secure zone (rocky crag)… and each one assign values in a variable “falls” in the player, and if the player decided to jump from the highest place without touching any rocky crag, when it touch the floor on the cliff the variable falls has value zero, the damage will be high, if jump from the second rocky crag then falls=2, damage is not too high when touch the cliff, if jump from the third rocky crag, damage will be less… and so on, if you jump on over every rocky crag, damage will be zero. The same when goind down the cave.

Thats genus. So camera Clipping makes games go faster? And what is manual object culling? Mist is good for most games anyway. If you wanted to, you should make a LOD System. For example, When You are walking on the first area, your property “Falls” equals 0. When you hit the rocky stuff, it increases by 1 or something. When it gets to a number that in the game you could not see the original place where you would have 0, the place with 0 dissappears. This conserves the polys and keeps it realistic at the same time, but you’re doing great. I’m dumbfounded. Still want to know what manual object culling is…

Manual Object Culling is just a script that he has written to hide vertices that are not visible. In fact, the only reason blender can’t hold quite as many vertices is because it doesn’t have a culling system, so manual object culling saves the frame rate and allows for much more detailed game models.

This is one great level design. Very pro, are you level designer in this studio?
Can you post some video test with enemies?
Incredible work.

Do you remember that?

Blender has that feature, and it works ok. The way you can try it is, for example in a FPS like mine, go to orthographic view, and execute the game but prior that you should put a logic brick setup to always set the player camera automatic and watch how objects dissapear and apear over there.

@ RedHand
Yes, I use colision detection to do that ( end object actuator ), I wanted to write a LOD script but that mean more work in models, and just use logic bricks to end geometry that is not visible behind corridors or places where player cannot go back. I think I can use the “Replace meshes” actuator to replace heavy meshes into a less detailed object, even a vertex or a face, but in 2.25 version it was so unstable when the player walk arround in the object, and haven’t tried with recent version… I don’t think it works.

@ haidme
Thanks haidme :slight_smile: no I’m just an artist :slight_smile:
I’ve a demo of a simple logic system but is very poor in performance, so maybe it’s time to look for help in that area. I’ve been looking in other forums and several users has some interesting projects regarding AI in blender GE. but it seems to take some time.


be carefull with the LOD in blender it’s nealy impossible because of the memory leak. Everytime you’ll switch form model definition the mesh won’t be erase. BGE api don’t have unload content command so you cannot do anything about that. there is some tricky stuff to do be you should ask c delta he seems to be working on something.

:eek: ok, now I understand…

Thanks for your suggestions :yes: