maping of ray mirror and transp

Is there any way to map ray mirror and ray transparancy so a object can be shiny and mirror a lot on one spot and less another place, and get a fluid transition between these, and the same with transparancy.

Yes. Create a blend texture alpha mask which is used to Blend between 2 renders (one with ray mirror and one without).


One texture mask maps to Alpha, the other to RayMirror.

It’s not as simple as just doing it in the material and texture buttons, you gotta composite it. Here’s an example file compositing via 3 scenes: One scene uses object coordinates to map the blend texture via an empty (to create the mask), another has the ray mirror, and the last has the ray trans.


I think it’s possible to do in buttons only (if you’re using official 2.45). Just follow the link PapaSmurf wrote.