Mapping a Gradient on spread out UV Map

Hey everybody,

First time poster here!

I am new to texturing and I require help mapping a gradient texture on to a mesh. I am struggling, as when I unwrap the faces, they disjoint and spread out in the UV editor. This means that when I put the gradient image (or attempt to paint the gradient on) in the uv editor, or try and paint on the mesh, the colouring goes all over the place. How would I get around this issue? I possibly need to unwrap the faces differently or us a different system to place the texture on the model, but I don’t know how to.

Here is an album of my UV, mesh and colouring issue.

Please help! many thanks.


Provided information is not enough to figure out what is going on, just have to guess

In this order:

  • Object mode, select the object, ctrl+A -> scale. That applies object scale so the mesh dimensions match.
  • Edit mode, select all, W -> remove doubles. Removes double geometry.
  • Edit mode, Ctrl+N. Makes normals consistent and pointing out.

If needed, could completely delete the old UV map from object data properties, then unwrap. Could also try different unwrap method from the operator panel after unwrapping.

I suspect that you are using the smart unwrap. First figure out how to add edge seams to unwrap it properly.

If you want th gradient to be applied on an axis in cycles:
Add a texture coordinate
Connect the object vector output to a ‘separate XYZ’ (Converter) node
The output of this will give you a gradient in the X, Y or Z axis.

A look at your screen shot… And because you’re using an image texture, you can discard the previous posts, as they are not related to your problem specifically.

You must unwrap your mesh again… As you can see in the UV map, you have disconnected faces (UV Islands), that should be connected to the others.
Your UV layout for that texture should be something more like this:

Sure you’re reading the right thread?

yes, there’s this image in OP: . sure that’s the problem! you’ll spot it right away too. :wink:

That’s the album. You must be talking about this

In which case not sure how suggesting unwrapping the mesh and requesting more information is “not related to the problem”, especially when you’re not suggesting anything more. And yes, you might be seeing something I don’t and be completely right, but I would at least wait for the .blend before starting to piss over someone else’s words.

hey thanks for the response, I understood that the UV was getting split up just couldn’t figure out how to get it as a single circle like your example. I tried remapping it multiple times by using U>Reset but kept getting the same results. From reading the other comments here I have now been able to produce a UV map like yours shown :smiley:

Sorry about the bad info, first time posting :frowning: After following all your instructions, I was able to produce the UV map that I needed! thanks a lot! I think it must have been the scale.

Thanks for the info, I managed to solve the issue before getting to your solution but ill definitely keep it in mind for the future!

Sorry… Didn’t mean to piss over anyone’s words… Had just read the thread diagonally and went directly to the screenshots; I know, my fault. I can see now you go it right in your first post (somehow I got the idea you weren’t talking about the OP’s problem). :frowning:
Sorry again.


Thank you. That concludes the matter far as I’m concerned. Found the comment odd. thought it was unusual for you. I’ve had problems posting recently so it is/was possible you weren’t reading the same thread.