Mapping a skin texture to a UVMap

hello everyone. Please bear with me as I am new to blender.
I am trying to use blender to construct an unfolded skin for an avatar (UVMap??).

  • I have successfully gotten the avatar mesh imported.
  • Created a plausible skin material
  • Created a plausible bump map and skin texture
  • Gotten a decent lighting solutionWhat’s got me stymied is getting the texture (notable the skin texture) back out again. I know how to get into the uvmap editor and have it bake the texture for me. What I’m struggling with is the right “IN” mapping for the texture so that it is not distorted around the various meshes. Note that some UV faces cover larger areas of the
    Right now I’m using OrCor and Cubic mappings. I’m getting distortion on the skin texture notably in places like the avatar’s neck under the chin. Any suggestions from you much more experience people.

well the better way to do this is to create edges to seperate out parts of your mesh, like the face, back of head, neck ect… There are tons of uv mapping tutorials look up skinning , uv mapping, unwrapping ect… on google. Check out polycount fourms as well.

in blender 2.44 in face mode (f) you and alt click a edge to define a seam. you complete the seam around the a loop of the model and you can control the unwrap of each ‘island’

also check out tutorials for lscm as you can pin and unpin vertex’s in the uv window.

Generaly you make the uv map then the textures. There is a script in blender uv window to export the uv wire frame as a texture for your base to texture on.

good luck

Painless Organic Unwrapping might have some advice you could use.