Mapping a texture to an object

I have a house I have modeled. I want to make a uniform brickwall on specific faces. How can I do that? I have the Texture how can I put the same brick wall on all sides so it is seamless and all the corners connect?


use ‘object’ for map input, as opposed to cube, plane, etc. first you will have to add a cube, and put it out of sight. Change the name of the cube to fred. Then, in the material for your bricks, next to where you specified ‘object’ as input for the bricks texture channel, you’ll see a blank field. type the object name ( fred ) in that text field. Now your house is using the texture space of the cube ( fred ) as input, so if you need to increase, or decrease the size of the bricks texture, just scale fred up or down.

how would I do that to a custom mesh for only specific surfaces?

you will have to give your mesh multiple materials. see ‘material indices’ in the docs. similar to making vertex groups.

thanks :smiley: :smiley: