mapping a texture to moulding-board with turns in interior scene


I’m using blender to model interior scenes. I’m trying to map a wood texture to moulding-board, which follows the walls (obviously), and which I have extruded 90 degrees around corners. The part of the moulding visible is a curve. Here is a cross-section:

I’ve been trying to find a simple way of aligning the wood texture image such that the wood grain always runs along the axis parallel to the wall, i.e., along the long axis of each piece of moulding. This would give the appearing of having an joint at each 90 degree turn.

I presume this could be done using “UV mapping”, but I don’t even begin to understand it yet. Is there a simpler method?




well I’ve managed to get it the way I want, but I doubt my method is optimal. I separated my moulding into a section whose long axis was parallel to the X axis, and the other section, whose axis is parallel to Y. Then I defined materials specific to each direction, and textures as well. Is there an easier way?

Here’s a render of the result:



I’ve thought about woodgrain along these lines too. If you use object mapping for the texture, controlled by appropriately oriented empties, you can use the same texture for both sections, and the materials would differ only in the choice of empty.
Alternatively, if the two sections can be made as two separate objects, then you can use the orientation of those objects to determine the alignment of the grain.

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