Mapping an hdr background problem

I did a tutorial that used an hdr background:
Following the tutorial, I set up a mapping node. I am supposed to be able to pan the background image vertically in order to get a part of the sky to be visible in the camera frame. I can pan horizontally without any problem, but when I attempt to pan upwards the whole background image inverts. I’m using a jpeg image that came with the tutorial. I substituted an hdr image, but I had the same problem. Can someone tell me how I can pan the background vertically?

This shows the node setup:

This shows the background starting to invert as I change the x rotation value:

Link to my blend file:

Everything works perfectly fine. Your world texture rotates as it should, but please mind that it uses world coordinates.
Your camera is NOT oriented the same as world, that’s why everything looks weird through the camera.

All you need to do is use the camera coordinate and not generated, and it will rotate around the cameras local coordinates.

Thanks. Once I connected the camera on the Texture Coordinate node to the Mapping node, I was able to move the camera vertically. Still, I wonder how he was able to do it in the tutorial using just the Generated output. I used Generated output on the Texture Coordinate node to move the camera horizontally and then switched to Camera output to move it vertically.

Just realised that method wont work. just use the X Y and Z rotations in combination with each toher.

At 1 hour and seventeen minutes into the tutorial Andrew Price starts doing the hdr background.

Even though I fumbled my way to eventually get the camera in an acceptable position (thanks to Nivos’s post), can you tell me how Andrew Price did it with just the generated connection on the Coordinate node?

your camera z rotation is not 0… and the world environment is static (camera can look around independently to the world)… This means that you are looking at the world at a different angle, which results in the funky angles when you change the x value…