mapping an image onto a 6x6 grid of planes


I’m trying to do something similar to this:

I want one image mapped to a 6x6 grid of planes, but instead of I got 36 individual images.

Is this some kind of mapping/projection technique or I am missing something very obvious?

Thanks in advance

just join al your planes then apply a UV map to cover all planes

after select all in edit mode and use Seperate all

shoud give one UV image per plane


thanks for your reply. that works for getting one image, but eventually it kills this cardboard flipping effect, because from that point on, the 36 card flips as one.
besides in the video, in the 3D viewport it shows as many small image and after hitting render it shows as one big. (so there must be some trick, that I am missing)

not following what you mean here

can you show pics


I think Ricky is describing a technique like the one used here:


i found the lkink

i think it was this video here[/


thanks for the links, I meant this:

from 0:55. in the 3D viewport there are lots of pictures (in textured view/GLSL) and after hitting render there is only one.
how is this possible? in textured view we should see that texture that is actually gonna show up in the render, shouldn’t we?

I believe that’s because of the way how it’s unwrapped. There should be 2 materials and 2 uv maps - front and back sides for flattened (downscaled on y axis) cubes. When you select and unwrap front, other sides show small pictures in 3d view, resulting small ones seen while in 3d, but correctly rendered as one big for each side.

hi guys! sorry for the late reply. the solution was simply to place an empty in front of the grid and use the uv project modifier, and in the render I had the big image, in the viewport I had the small image.