Mapping Ideas needed for Spacecraft / Game

Hi folks!

I am currently some sort of stuck with the mapping of my “spacecraft carrier” which I modeled for ->
To all artist: Thats programmers-art presented here :slight_smile:

I am currently thinking of mapping this mesh with 2 maps, once for the outside, the other for the inside. As you can see on the webpage, the outside is already mapped and “my” texture artist did some good work on that.
However, I don’t have a clue, about what to do with the inside, since it is a huge carrier where you can walk inside of. But have a look at the picture first:

I highlighted the inner mesh, so that you can identify it better.

Well, first I thought I would post here my idea of mapping the inside, but now maybe for the spirit of creativity I won’t, believe me, it is not worth it.

I believe the mapping techniques which are used in architectural modelin could be of use here, are there any?

Thanks a lot in advance,


p.s. I just want to mention it, since it is my first post here: Blender rules! :evilgrin: (yes, I’ve tried other)

There is a website dedicated to architextural modeling. I cant find the link for it, sorry. I found it by using google, blender architexture

There’s a couple of tools that might help you out, Hide and View Slice. Hide, (type h) will hide selected faces so you can get to the interior faces without the exterior faces getting in the way. View slice (type alt+b) will let you drag a box around the stuff you want to see, and will make the rest invisible. Alt+h unhides, Shift+h hides everything NOT selected, and alt+b will make the invisible stuff visible again.

As far as unmapping goes, you’ll probably want to try ‘project from view’ which will give you an accurate representation of a wall, for example, when you’re looking straight at it. Just select the walls you’re looking straight at, so when you unwrap, they will be the only thing unwrapped. Pin them, then move the view around so you’re looking straight on at another interior wall, select it, and unwrap that one. Once you have everything unwrapped and mapped, you can take the image into a paint program and add the hatches, deck plates, warning signs, grebble and so on.

bruxy has a three part video tutorial on architectural blendering, and says he goes into UV mapping in part 3. I haven’t watched part three yet, but if it’s anything like part one and two, it will be very informative and useful.