Mapping Texture to Sphere in Cycles

Hi.I h
ave been looking a round bit and couln’t find a satisfactory answere.

How can on propperly map a texture to a sphere in cycles. What i am trying to achieve is creating a simple Earth/Planet.

Thanks for the help

You didn’t search very deeply…

Very poor search term. The first link I get is which does not answer the specific question of ‘Mapping Texture to Sphere in CYCLES’

This would be more appropriate to show a way to UV unwrap the sphere

You need one rectangular image like this and use UV projection >> sphere. There are many examples in blendswap, but this site is not available at the moment. Probably tomorrow.

Not to start an argument but, to me, it seemed that the OP asks for his food to be chewed for him. He didn’t ask about a specific part of the process but the whole thing. The search terms I proposed are a bit vague but they lead to the first step: Unwrapping.

And if that doesn’t give the idea to the OP to use Google before to ask us to chew his food, he can always come back for more sarcasm from me. :wink:

(And yes, I wasn’t in the best of mood when I replied. It happens…)

Ok that uv unwrapping mentioned by Richard was a complete mess. Fired up Blender today and it was fine?!?

I was only wondering if there is a spherical projection(Or something similar) as i recall it from BI.

@Kaluura: Not asking for my food to be prechewed, just not wanting to reinvent the wheel. But i will try and post more specific questions in the future