mapping video onto scene

o.k. i am trying to map a video over a scene of a room modeled in blender. I would like the video to deform around the objects in and general shape of the room.

So far i have tried uvmapping the video as a texture to a combined mesh of all the objects in the scene, using “from window” as the mapping type. this works fairly well but the faces that extend partially out of frame result in a very distorted image.

does any one have any suggestions on how best/another way to go about this?

Ok, this should work. (Although I would have used the method you’ve tried first before this method.)

Add a lamp in the same location and of the same rotation as the camera. If need be, parent it to the camera, so it follows any camera anmation.

Add a texture to the lamp, use your video file as the texture.

This should then work like a projector in the way you want.

Forgive me if this doesn’t work, as I’ve never tried it myself, but since textures work as a projected image if applied to a lamp, I don’t see why it shouldn’t.


Put your texture on a lamp. A Spot is cool because you can aim the beam and set the projection square.


thanks for the idea sonix and Fligh %.

with this method, however, I have a new problem/question. I would like to render only the projected image and not the meshes. this way i can easily composite it with another render of the same scene.

so what kind of material can i put on the meshes to make them only display the projected image and not be shadowed. making them shadeless means that they don’t display the projected lamp either.

Leave shadeless turned off and turn off Shadow button in material buttons.


sonix, leaving shadeless turned off and turning off the shadow button doesn’t work quite like i’d like. there is still some shading of the meshs that takes place. ideally, only the projected image is visible, with the meshes rendering as only flat white.

I have made the first method of uv mapping work, but would still be open to suggestions on how to have more control over the “from window” mapping option.

Ok, this sounded really interesting to me, so I thought I’d try it. I’ve created a spot, added a texture to it, made my texture image, loaded an avi file, placed the spot at the same location of the camera, parented the spot to the camera, constrained the camera to an object (default cube) so that it will always point at the cube. I also turned off shadow and shadeless for the cube.

I don’t see anything other than the spot. I turned SpotBL all the way down, making the edge of the spot nice and sharp … not sure that it even matters. The energy of the spot is set at the default of 1.

I know it’s something silly I’m doing wrong … what have I forgot?

Thanks in advance.