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I need a good tutorial on how to map textures to complex objects.
Say, I have a complex shaped space ship. How can I have it so I get a picture that I can see all the shapes, make a texture through Gimp, and then map that on the model the same way it came off?
Thank you.

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jorx: if you mean unwrapping the mesh and then painting the textures in GIMP ot Photoshop, there is an export script from strubi. do a searh in the Python & Script section here. I have yet to get it to work properly though.

Also, try this:

There is a good texture tute there.


(theeth) #3

Strubi’s unwrapper was hosted at, so I doubt it’s still there. He might have put it somewhere else, but I don’t know.


(BgDM) #4

theeth: it was at his site too. Was it not? If anyone has the link, please post it.


(jorx) #5

Couldn’t find it.
If I found an unwrapper, how would I use it to create a texture for the model?
P.S. My texturing skills are wimpy, so I’d like to get good at that.

(BgDM) #6

Strubi’s unwrapper makes a flat mesh of your object and then you render an image of the flat mesh. This allows you to import it into GIMP/PS and paint the textures on.

As far as getting them put onto the mesh, I beleive you would then UV map the image onto the mesh, or, I think that strubi’s script allows you to just apply the image texture using the UV coordinates button in the materials.

Hope this helps.


(kos) #7

do not bother for the the UV-mapping all by yourself.that is how i’m doing it in my T-REX model.i think the rex is much more tough to be mapped than the space-ship.but you have to be very patient.i am doing the mapping for a week and it is only 60% done.

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(theeth) #9

that’s not Strubi’s script, this one was made by Armagan. Although it’s very good, I think Strubi’s script supported more unwrapping method.


(jorx) #10

I have both scripts now. Strubi’s script was included on the site.
Now I’m going to try using them. :slight_smile:

(overextrude) #11

I’ve used Strub’s script, and I think it works good for what it’s intended to do, although if you have a complex mesh, it’s sometimes difficult to tell where certain parts of the unwrapped mesh came from.

(jorx) #12

Read my “Prob with Strubi’s Script” topic.
I just can’t get it to work!