Mappings get scrambled ?

As a newbie, I’m following some tutorials. I am UV mapping six different images on a cube. After that I subdivide the cube once and use subsurf (Catmull 1-1).
When rendering, my six images are scrambled (see picture)
What am I doing wrong ?
Thanks for help

You can’t add vertices to the mesh after UV mapping. If you do you have to do the UV mapping again. So subdivide first and then UV map. Subsurfing doesn’t add vertices to your geometry so it doesn’t matter if you do it before or after UV mapping. It is generally best to completely finish modelling before UV mapping.


how come my UV maps stay intact when I subdivide and knife/loopcut then? :slight_smile:

Because both use the subdividing code with handles UV coordinates in a correct way. This is not the case for most tools though so beware.