Doing this tutorial: still not happy with the skull so I switched to a high rez girl i did.
That is the high res model with the blender skin shader2.
Then i baked the AO and normal maps:
Somehow I smashed the normals of the low rez into the normal map. And some other problems
Any hints?
Ok did it right ,I think this time.
It looks like a corpse or something and I know nothing about getting rid of those seams or if I can.

Found various problems redid those. Then I retopoed the high rez model,and redid it with that, liking it much more now.


ah, much better, she could use a bit more color though still.

`Well I’m still messing with the AO map , I turned down the color setting for it.I think I’ll turn it up again and brighten up the AO map in gimp.