Mar (10-10 body complete)

I’ve been working on this character for a few days and thought it’d be nice to post something. Firstly here’s the concept sketch
And here’s where I am with the modeling right now:
The skull is based on that of a cormorant. Quite loosely since my reference pictures weren’t that good.
Finally, here’s a quick test animation of the eye.
Right now I’m working on the inside of his mouth so it’ll look decent when I open it.

wow! awesome stuff…really pro work! love the eye! :smiley: no crits from me…

Nice work! wouldnt mind working with you on a project sometime :wink:

thanks guys.

Here’s a little update. I’ve modeled the inside of the mouth

The eye are moving to smooth! I think that the eye of this sort of creature has rapid eyemovement?

Quite impressive.

how did you do the eyes?

great work so far!

Thanks Kothe, I’ll keep that in mind.

orion: I pretty much used the method described in weirdhat’s tutorial:

I’ve rigged the jaw and tongue. Right now I’m using hooks to move the tongue, but I think I’ll just use bones instead since the mesh doesn’t follow very fast when the hooks are parented to a bone.

This is some seriously sweet work pofo. Great realization of the sketch.

Keep up the good work. I would actually like to see you finish something around here for a change. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Yes, absolutely finish it!
That eye looks… alive…

Hehe, yes. Finishing a project in Blender isn’t something I seem to do very often %| I’ll try with this one though.
I finished rigging the head so here’s another small test animation
I made the eye movements quicker like [Kothe] suggested and I think it works quite nicely.
As soon as I feel I know UV-mapping well enough (I’m having a small problem) I’ll put some finishing touches on the head. Building the head was really the goal of this project, but I’m not tired of it yet so I’ll keep going.


very nice!

Funny idea that of keeping the skull outside the flesh :wink:


great anim test pofo.

Keep it up. I am so digging this one.


Putting the skull outside seemed sort of natural after my obsession with drawing skulls lately (you should see my desk, lots of sketches and printed reference material of every sort of skull. Not to mention the dried head of an alligator and a not quite natural size ceramic human skull. I shall have to clear it away before I invite any girls :wink: )

I’m having a lot of fun with texturing (though my bumpmaps still seem to randomly invert on some faces). Learning UV-mapping as I go along which is why I’m so breathtakingly slow %|

I replied to your PK post…you got a great model very clean and the animation is really good! Keep it up man!

wow… will you adopt me?


great texturing.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think I’m done texturing the head.
My summer vacation ends today, but I’ll find some time do do the body.

It’s been over a month, but I can finally show a little bit of progress on this character.
(just ignore the sword in that last picture, I don’t think it fits Mar very well)

edit: I’m kind of glad I decided to wait until the next version is out before rigging him (all those new animation tools look totally schweet). Otherwise I’d probably have stressed myself to death this week trying to get him done in time for the art festival. Maybe next year ^^

wow, very nice, I am doing somthing simmilar in the thread i made “Reptillian humanoid” but it does not even compare to the skill you can do it with, im still a noob.

Just wondering, I am having alot of difficulty with the eye of my creature, could you possibly post your blend file so i can see how you did it and get some insparation on how i can fix mine?

Sure, but I’m having a bit of trouble with my webspace. pm me an email address and I’ll send you an eye ^^
As a general guideline:
Start with an eye outline in front view. Use about ten vertices or so.
Create a sphere and move your vertices so the eye shape follows the curve of the sphere. Extrude and shape, eventually start using the knife tool to add loops and ‘spokes’ to put in more detail. Use a mirror or photos for reference.