Mar Avante

The storie

Last summer I was traveling the north of Spain. In San Vicente de la Barquera I ended buying a wood hand made ship in a llittle shop of this worderfull village. There was J. R. Lengomin, the owner, the artisan, painnting and finishing a lot of little ships. I met him and his wife. I got the ship and a businness card.

After a few days I visited his web page. It was astoning for me. Incredible hand made fishing ships with an insane level of detail. I felt in love with Mar Avante. I contactred him to recreate it. Some days ago i readed that you can buy a kit to mount a ship. Or you can build the pieces yourself.

Mar Avante has 99% of the pieces hand made by J.R. Lengomin.

So this is my recreation of Mar Avante as a obeisace to a real artist and artisan: J.R Lengomin.

Images in the harbor and where Mar Avante enjoys: the brave and dangerous sea.

Hope you like them.

Blender 2.93.5 and Photoshop.


I really like the sea in the first shot!
How did you create it?


Sea in that image is added via photoshop layers, tweeking and playing for a nice integration.

Had to deal with camera angle to match perspective and background.

It can be improved and I am on it.

Thanks so much.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you, @bartv !

:grinning: :grinning: