Marathon:trilogy remake

I am looking for recruits to remake a game called marathon for those of you who don’t know…

Marathon takes place in the year 2794 aboard a large, multi-generational colony spacecraft called the UESC (United Earth Space Council) Marathon. The ship was converted from Deimos, one of Mars’ two moons. The plot of the story sets the player as a security officer and focuses around an invasion of the ship and (to a much lesser extent) a colony on the near by Tau Ceti by hostile extraterrestrials. The plot is primarily revealed through various computer interfaces called terminals, which relay crew logs, maintenance documents, historical accounts, and stories. It is through these terminals as well that the player receives mission information from Leela, the ship’s artificial intelligence, as well as Tycho and Durandal, the science and utilities AI in Marathon respectively. The relationship between and history of these artificial intelligences serves as a significant plot device in the story.

any body can contribute just post here

animator(need at least 2)
Modeler(need at least 3)
Programmer(need at least 4)

I have a base for us to build the project off of. It has mouselook basic movement gun motion for SMG(this is gonna be the starting weapon),
and it will be in a download.

[I am open to all ideas and we will not be strictly following the exact storyline of marathon we can add more take out just the basic story as I have posted above(any story line tweaks you think we should make just post here any we will probably do them),and if you do not feel you can do any of the above you can just post or email me at [email protected]]

please note that this is an open source project and if you are joining thinking of some big money making scheme off of this project you are wrong.


fpsactiongame_v1.5W.I.P.blend (384 KB)

the smg seems a little screwed up ctrl+n should fix the problems with the normals
i would be willing to help make a few models for you but not much

go to the project apocalypse post maybe you can help out crasher of model an assault rifle.

it’s really messed up. not even worth looking at. It’s like 2 minutes of work.

ya thats the old V


Is this a joke? The gun is massive!

OK, you don’t think I realize that if your not going to post constructive comments please don’t post at all or at least post something that’s not negative…