Finally got some time off from school to finish this project. My own rendition of the Marauder from Starcraft II, Everything’s done with blender and rendered in cycles.

firing shot



top view

Amazing robot, though I wonder why you didn’t include footprints in the sand and dust clouds?

Yeah. Great work. I think you could improve the environment of the scene but the robot looks great!

Correction: Its not really a robot, more like a mech suit, well at least that’s how I see it :smiley:

It looks good but again in my opinion, I think the rocket/grenade should be launched for a bit longer before the outer shell breaks up. I’m not sure about the run and shoot part either since you are shooting a rocket out and one leg is in the air, not sure how the balance will go :slight_smile:

Just some friendly suggestions!

i love sc2. this is awesome. great work :slight_smile:

nice firing shot, I would love to see it in an animation, great work!

@everyone- Thanks for the comments, ill look into adding some affects to the environment when I get the chance