Marble Bathroom

I was inspired to create this image after seeing a photo of a bathroom with the same design. Except for a few detail objects, everything was created in 2.80.

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It looks very cool, but in my opinion, the problem with the light. All that to the left of the bath somehow doesn’t look natural, lacking a shadow. If it was light near the window and darkened towards the heated towel rail, would it possibly be cooler? as well as for me the towels weigh a bit unnatural.
And I would say the tile of the walls)) it is possible to make more interesting reflections, but this is already a taste because I don’t know what effect you were trying to achieve. The same would say about white marble)
but it looks very cool

And here’s another thing - the method of fastening glasses, they just stick out, maybe there are some gaskets or something like that to do?

The only thing that I’d change – is that shower-stall. The front doors don’t exist, and the side wall has a very distracting reflection. You might achieve a lot by repositioning the camera. For instance, pull it back and shift it to the left so as to kill that reflection and to also pick up some definition for the doors. Adjust the focal length of the lens as appropriate. Imagine something to be reflected in the door. And, generally give the glass more density. (Would there not also need to be some shaping of the shower floor to cause the water to drain properly?)

I think that these slight changes will reward you with a much nicer composition – even if the image no longer exactly matches your reference photograph.

Finally – that “black towel” ought not be opaque black … nor should that “white towl” be blown-out white. This would be an excellent way to add something that the image almost does not have: a subtle splash of muted color.

Thanks. Good tips all around.

This sounds like a disparity between our monitors. On my screen, the towels still have some visible detail.