Marble Bathroom

Archviz Practice:
Focus on Lighting and interior design.

Models and Textures from Poliigon and Imeshh.
Feedback to improve is welcome.


looks so great! thanks for sharing.

Wow, looks fantastic! Can I ask what light did you use outside? Is it area/sun?

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Its multiple arealights and a HDRI. 2 Arealights facing directly trough the window, one of them to illuminate and another for only for the glossy reflections with lower strenght. And an aditional Arealamp from like a 45 degree angle shining on the right wall. The Hdri doesn’t add much i guess here.
Lamps highlighted below.

Amazing work,
Just I think that if the light were a little bit dimmer, it would be better. THis looks more like a Halo kinda brightness.