Marble Bust IRL

Hi, by the time creating this thread I have already spent 1.5 days on this project. I found a picture from a friend, which I wanted to model. I plan on modeling this as a marble statue, then insert it into real life footage, after a camera track. The result should show something like the model in either a public exhibition or museum.
I started modeling (see attached images).
[Please note, that I am still a total beginner, who has no skill in topology or box modelling etc. But I wanted to finish a project made from scratch for a long time: this is finally my attempt.]
My plan is (1) model, (2) texture [differently colored, but natural looking marble], (3) record footage and (4) composite.

Any input or critic is welcome, although I might not be able to implement it, since my time is limited and I rather wish to finish it, than perfecting half of it with no outcome.

[UPDATE 22.1.13]

Thank for your replies. I thought I would give sculpting a try, but my current computer can’t handle the needed subdivision (multire), which is why I will stick to simply texturing mainly. Did a quick render of the current version (hand&head:, but I will reset all the materials.
Process Status: Recorded Footage & converting, model almost finished except the curves, which will have to be adjusted to the footage after tracking is complete.

After some experimenting I have abandoned tracking, since I couldn’t get any useful footage (it`s winter in europe and everything looked wrong). All the same, the simple moving camera shot has now turned into something more complicated. It is still one continuous shot, but includes multiple objects, textures, camera movement and lighting -.-
Current Status:
[DONE]: modeling, rigs (almost)
[NOT_EVEN_CLOSE]: shading, texturing, compositing

My main objective still remains, not giving up!
For fun I have attached a “tap”-model, which will make appearance in the scene

Greetings from Germany


Nice modelling, curious to see the end result :wink:

Summed up in first post.

Summed up in first post

This is looking good.
I think this will look great. You just have to texture this thing very well. Other than that, great concept.
But Im not sure about the museum statue idea just because I dont think this will look nice as a statue. (if you really want to do it you need to sculpt it after you finish modeling) I think you should keep following the stylized concept picture though. It just fits better.
Looking forward to see more. :slight_smile:

Summed up in first post.

the modeling is looking pretty good I especially like the flowing hair strands

Summed up in first post.

Summed up in first post.

  1. Half of Scene (<<proper pre render of action) ||| (improved motion, workspace render >>)

Hi, I couldn’t do much since this thread started, yesterday I did something like I had originally planned. I’d just call it fun with compositing. It was more of a personal tracking, compositing, editing exercise. Tell me what you think:

Last update.
I consider this finished now. As usual, nowhere near, where I want it to be. I forgot to update this thread a while ago.