Marble Challenge WIP!

Last updated: 5/08/07
Hello, for lack of a better name right now, I have decided to name my new WIP game Marble Challenge. I should be updating this thread daily as I continue to learn new things and implement them into my game.

The gist of the game: Think of golf mixed with pinball and you got an interesting and original game made with blender! Each level is filled with obstacles and at the end there is the end plate. You must practice timing and logic to get the ball to the end using only a few buttons to interact with the environment. To make the ball do what you want, you must make the environment do it for you. You will use things like drop paddles, jump boosters and spinners to get your marble to the end! There is no limit to the amount of balls you spawn at once, but once you do you rack up your score, and as in golf, a high score is a bad score.

Solving the “Error” No (Correct) Camera Problem…
How to transfer models from one scene to another…SOLVED
High Score Board
Music in game
9 Levels - Half course
Credits Page

Level 1 - 98% Complete - Fixing the correct camera problem (see below) Completely textured now!
Level 2 - 90% Complete - Redesigned, Background Tex Needed
Level 3 - 10% Complete - Sketched and ready to be created on blender
Level 4 - 10% Complete - Sketched and ready to be created on blender
To have side view as the camera angle
Alpha testers for initial levels

Screen shots are here to observe in my folder. (Updated 4/25/07)
Screens of level 1

Currently working on:
(new) Trying to get camera correct when started for level 1
Solving the no (correct) camera problem…

Get the newest demo here! (Updated 5/8/07)
(Level 1 - 888kb)

Any help would be much appreciated, and I shall update often!

I’ll be an official alpha tester.

Sw00t, well anyone can be a tester, download the demo! And if you still seem interested, I can give you some advance demos for you to test!

Hey Spiffyandy
This game has some pretty great potential. Your idea is original, and the gameplay is simple and addicting.
To fix your camera side view problemo, i think you probly just need to select your camera and go into the editing submenu (F9). Then change the view to orthographic. Then alt-r to clear rotation and rotate the camera 90 degrees along different axes until you get a view of your scene. Now change the scale number til it looks peachy.
please package your textures next time you upload by clicking file->pack data.

Yeah, I couldn’t really tell what was going on without the textures.

And you should list all the keyboard commands in the text window - even if it’s just a development demo.

But the concept is fun. I look forward to when this game is finished.

I have a probability organizer script that I wrote which can be modified to be a high score board script.

hmmm… package textures? ok, would that make a nice packaged blend that I would send?

Thanks for the good comments guys, and I shall try that camera set up you said Hoser, I shall work on the details today, and maybe get a demo of level 2 out.!

Thanks again!

EDIT: Thanks a bundle Canadian Hoser, I got the camera all leveled out, although there is a bit of resizing to be done on the background… However, to truely see if it is golden, I want to know about the "no (correct) camera thing that keeps popping up when I want to start the game… what is it?

nice game…

after you package it, compress it in the same file menu.

this will Bzip it into a much smaller file

Ok I am not sure if it worked or not, but I think I compressed and packed the textures for the demo… (There is a check by the compress file) and then I saved it. I added some instructions for the demo too! (Although with the instructions and packing of tex, it is now 280KB!, not sure if this is normal for it to go up a bit, but I think it is in order)

p00f: Thank you for the comment, with your nice game garnering lots and lots of attention, I take some pride in knowing that someone who has made a great game thinks mine is nice! :slight_smile:

On another note, I added some textures to the blocks and balls, I hope to include a feature with selectable ball designs for added happiness ^^.

Still working on the no correct camera problem, can’t seem to find this problem on the forum or online through what I can get from my blocked internet, so I am relying on you guys to help me out :smiley:

Also, still trying to figure out how to transfer objects from one scene to another, once that happens I can begin to really get level 1 completed and ready to transfer play to level 2.

Keep a look out in the next few days for a level 3 skeleton demo, and level 2 basic demo!

(280mb bwahahh going to need a real high speed connection to download that beast. Dialup estimate - sometime later in the week or the month.) nm but I had a good laugh when i saw it

holy cow, sorry, not 280mb, meant kb! will change quickly…

check and see if there is textures!

Ok I did some work and now level 1 is completely textured! I shall try to do this packing and compressing and upload the shiny demo!

Please check 'er out and lemme know about the camera problem I had!

The demo is now up

hey spiffyandy
try selecting your camera and then hit ctr-0 to make it the active camera.

To link objects between scenes, select your object, press CTRL+L, then select “To Scene…” then select your scene.

To unlink them (effectively transferring them) go to the place where you would rename an object, and click the number beside the OBJECT name, not the MESH name.

Yay! Textures!:smiley:
It’s still a bit dark though, maybe you should make the textures shadeless.
The ball counter’s good by the way:yes:

I shall try the active camera, and hmmm… the textures should not be that dark… I shall see about that and maybe I shall make it non shaded. Plus thank you mr.crunchy for the tip about transfering objects. I shall post some updates on monday, since I don’t have nor will get blender at home… (I got a whole 15 gigs of storage and a whole 128 ram! wooo… go craptops!)

One way to un-darken your textures:
Turn off “Use Blender Materials”. I never have it checked for my games, not sure about the pros and cons though.
Then you can vertex paint it shades of gray to give it the right brightness.
And make sure to turn off shaded.

Hmmm, I don’t understand about the dark textures… When I play the game it looks the same as when I edit it… All of my objects are UV mapped so there are no shadeless options for me to do. Can you post some screens of these dark textures you speak of?

Currently I am reading over the posts here and touching up some stuff, so another post will be soon with my progress

Hello Spiffy, heres the screenie of the dark textures during play vs. normal:
Nice game though, keep it up.

hmm did you download the new version of the demo?

This looks like the old version… If it still that way, maybe I have to reload the new demo into box…

Anways, progress on level 2 has been halted, I need to rethink it over to prevent it from bugging up too much. I shall work on that tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone!

So I checked back today and downloaded my demo, turns out I forgot to upload the new completely textured blend file, it is now up!

Please check it out, and tell me what you think of the texturing, I am working on making the skeleton level of level 2 again, so there MIGHT be a level 2 demo today if I get cracking!