Marble Chess board Q?

im working on a marble chess board but im wondering

  1. how do get the tiles checker right

for get about 2 its out just i don’ know how to checker it like everyone else does.

You can just map a picture of a checker board onto the model like this one:

You just use 2 texture channels. One to define the marble and the other as the image.

You could also use multiple materials and have two different colours. Then assign the materials to squares in a checker pattern. This is a tedious way to do it, though.

actually, one of the newer image repeat modes is checker

so, you’d only need on material, and two image textures

Or split the mesh into a number of little squares and setting 2 material indexes in a checker pattern, more tedious but then easier to get the precise size right.

When I make marble chessboards I make a checker texture in Fireworks (pick yer poision, you might use Photoshop or gimp) and then only make the dark squares upon a transparent background. Then hit the use alpha button and your procedural marble texture will shine through.

I used the Tiles texture plugin as a stencil once. Was a bit excessive, but it did let me use two procedurals for the two coloured squares… :stuck_out_tongue: