Marble demo - stencil shadow hack

I sure learned a lot while making this.

This is a marble roller game, with some elements of pacman :smiley:

WSAD moves the marble, Shift makes it move fast, and space jumps.

Avoid the flashing red walls,
Get 5 keys to advance to new room,
Faster you get the dots, the more bonus you will get.

This game uses pygame for the sounds, some linux users will need to install pygame before sound will work.

Here is the file:

here are some screenshots:

I sure enjoyed doing this, my favorite part was doing the fake static shadow for the ball and the flashing spotlights for the keys.

Please give feedback :), feel free to ask how I made anything :slight_smile:
Have fun :smiley:

This game is really fun! =D Even though it is pretty small, it’s done fairly well ;).

wow pretty cool… so do you use pygame to play the sound effects to? some of the level’s it was a bit hard to see the low fences that zap you on the second floors… otherwise pretty cool

Bravo Mmph!
very well done!
Solid design, details finely crafted, nice overall graphics…
Great work!

Awesome game. It looks and plays very nice. I will be looking forward to seeing it finished.

Nice job.

Hi Toonist,

Thanks! I am very proud of this one.

Hi Kirado,
I am glad you enjoyed it,
All of the sound is done with pygame, I really am loving having 8 stereo channels to play with, plus the background music.Thanks for the feed back on the second tier railings, I think I am going to go back and extrude the faces out so that they are more visible from the camera position.

Thanks for the great compliments! it is an honor :smiley:

hi JimBob,
I am happy you like the game, I get all my background music from this site:
you can get the music streamed to you so you can listen to the music right away, and they also have a way to download the entire album via bittorrent, where you can get the albums in both MP3 and OGG format (.OGG is what pygame uses :smiley: so I dont have to convert anything )… nice legal way to add music to your presentations.

Well, I am going to get back to work, I am going to add a few more things to finalize this demo,Upload it, then I will go and make a few more levels to play.

Mmph!: Fantastic.

This proves your skill in many areas, namely programming and graphics. This is the type of game the blender excels at, and you used that to your advantage. Well done, and a special pat-on-the-back for making it a complete package. No WIP here…


Oto, what about hello and goodbye?

Hello and goodbye…this remembers me the beautiful music of Tim Buckley, died so soon…his son, too…how sad…

Wow this games preaty cool :D. I dont think Ive got any crits.
Keep up the good work.

btw how do you do pygame sound thing because Im most likely going to need it for my game cause I dont want sound taking up a lot of space.

Pygame question: Can you use it to make sounds louder when they are closer and softer the farther away it is?

Hi Stu_Flowers,

I miss the old school game play from some isometric games.Blender is definitely a great tool for this :slight_smile:


The music is from an artist called arnoldsrecords, I found it on There isa lot of (CC) music there we can use for our games… Some licences even allow us to take samples from them, which is great for sound effects .

Hi Rusty246,

Here is some info I put in the tutorials topic…
It really is nice :slight_smile: You get lots of chanels and options to deal with.

Hi The Red Hand,
I do not think that pygame has anything built in for 3d sounds, but there is a volume and a pan control, with a little engineering and a near sensor, I bet you could rig up a pretty good 3d system in just a few lines of script.
There is another alternative called pysonic, that natively does 3d sounds, but it is windows only, and I have never tested it with blender 2.45 yet.

well, I almost have level 2 complete, I might be able to upload it later tonight with any luck.

Mmph!, great job on this game! The graphics and gameplay are superb. I really enjoyed the mixture of the classic game look with the modern 3D graphics. Looking forward to level 2!

BTW, had a few troubles with the sound. I’ve tried it on Linux, WINE with no Python or PyGame install, and an XP computer with no Python or PyGame installed, and the sound has not worked on any of them. Here are the errors I’ve gotten (I didn’t have time to check the errors on the XP machine, since I was supposed to be working…)

Linux: In Blender, I get the error “pygame.error: No available audio device”. Pygame works fine for playing music outside of Blender, so I’m pretty sure this is a Blender problem and not a problem with my audio driver or configuration. Also, I made a runtime, and I get a “no module named pygame.mixer” error there, but Pygame is installed properly. Seems that the blenderplayer is not looking in the correct place for external Python files.

WINE: I get a “no module named re” error. re is a standard Python module, but it may not be included in the python25.dll. The game would work fine on systems with a full Python install, but not on systems without one. I’m assuming that this is the same error that caused problems on the WinXP machine, but I’ll do further checking later to find out.

well, level 2 is 50% right now, I am squishing a bunch of little bugs, and reducing the poly count.
I have everything running with 65% Overhead :slight_smile: so I should be able to squeeze in a few more small details.

Hey blendenzo,

thanks for the nice comments :slight_smile: Level 2 is coming along nicely :slight_smile:

At work one of the systems had some problems with wine, I just went to the windows partition and copied over all the .DLL files and it fixed wine.

Not sure why it is not working with Ubuntu, all the office systems and my home system works great. One person on the IRC channel just installed pygame to solve his problem, you might want to try that.

as far as windows XP not working, I have no idea, it has worked flawless on every system I have tried, you are the first to report Win XP errors. Even my mom was able to download and run it :smiley:

thanks for the feedback, hopefully someone else comes along with the same errors to help enlighten me to what the problem could be.

well, be back later, hopefully with level 2 all ready to play.

Cheers Mmph :D.
Keep up the great work!

that’s look very nice, although I think you guys using qwerty keyboard should think that English is not the only language in the world and that WSAD is NOT a standard …

I mean … there is those little nice ARROW keys on EVERY keyboard, why don’t you use it instead of that unpracticable keys that for me are like for you is QZSD … ???

(sorry for this rant but … hey … too much people publish games or demo using those key combination, which oblige me to edit the blend or throw it to the trashbin…)

Sounds like a personal challenge to me. I love the WSAD keys, they are by my left hand. I use my right hand on the mouse, or the joystick, or the pad, or the…

But I am right handed.:wink: