Marble Drop

I have zero experience in the BGE. but I was wondering about creating a game based of the game Marble Drop created by Maxis.

here is a link to a youtube video of the game if you have never played the game

there are about 50 levels to this game with different interactive elements like cannons which shoot the balls, pendulums that carry the balls across gaps etc. I just wanted to know if It is possible to create interactive elements like this?? as well as a system that can tell which color the ball is and if it landed in the right spot etc.


I am simply looking to see if this idea is a possibility and if so where could I find some tutorials and other material to start learning how to create such a game.


It’s definitely possible, and shouldn’t be to difficult.

Hi froginblender,

It is possible to make almost any sort of game with the Blender Game Engine. A Marble Drop clone would be very possible, however, it would take at least an intermediate level of BGE knowledge to do well.

To begin learning, I recommend these resources:

GameKit v2:
I originally learned BGE from the reference section in the back of GameKit v1. This was easy, since I had already learned Blender from the wiki.
Clark Thames has a very good resource here at his site. Detailed explanations of each logic brick, various skill levels of useful tutorials, a handy Python API reference and more. I use this site regularly.

Beyond that, I can practically guarantee you that you will do most everything wrong or inefficiently the first time you try it. We all do. Read a lot of tips, spend time on the resources forum, read posts by users whose games and demos you admire.