Marble Expedition

A new game that I have been working on for a while.
The player is a marble who has to find its way to the finish. Along the way will be various powerups and collectables that the player can use to help them to the end of the level.

I plan on making most of the elements in the game, and so far have hand painted all the textures in the game for all the objects. Hopefully if there are significant improvements I will be able to post fairly frequently, depending on how the game progresses.

Additional Credit:
Blueprintrandom for general python help when I got stuck.
Mobious, for his great 3rd person script and helping me customize it.

Here is a 5 minute devlog of the progress so far:

some extra screenshots as well:

Comments and feedback would be appreciated :smiley:


when i read about it first, i thought about a marblemadness clone. as far as i remember, marble madness had this straight mathematical look. i like the assets you have created, but they wont fit with the old marble madness so it would be interesting to see some gameplay.

Looks quite nice design. Not messed up and quite fancy!:wink:

Nice Work!
When you need help with python coding feel free to ask me!

Thanks, I’m thinking of adding lots of small features to try and make the game more interesting and involving.
Perhaps with some player triggered events as well.

Thanks! Glad you like it :smiley:

will do, thanks!

Devlog 2 is here. In this part I go over some of the level assets that I will be using, the marble customization menu and the store menu that will be used within the game.

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

Some screens

i am pretty sure the assets will fit well together. everything has this light comic touch. i like it.

Thanks! I wanted to try veer away from the nity grity stuff, as the whole game itself isn’t meant to be realistic anyway.

New devlog, after a couple months. Lots of new features and quite a bit of progress.


I had forgotten of this game, but it is good that it is still there and that you’ve got some progress:)

I like your art style, the cutscenes and the animations alot.

The textures are great, I also like how the menu looks.
You’ll need good level design for that kind of game, look at this, it might give you some ideas.

Sweet. actually making a very similar game, though mine is way more complex. Like the idea it has something from trackmania and super monkey ball. Maybe you can copy some ideas those games used, like a cool online multiplayer would fit amazingly into this game.

Great work! looks very good

Yep still here :smiley:

Thanks, glad you like it :smiley:

Thanks! Yes this type of game will require a lot more of an ‘engaging’ level design to make it fun. The first few levels will probably be ‘tutorial’ levels, so I want try keep them simple and to the point. I will keep the reference in mind when designing other levels.

Awesome, I decided to try and make this type of game as it seemed the most ‘open’ of game themes so that I won’t get bored of developing it.

Thanks, art can be a bit time consuming.

Yep still here :smiley:

Thanks, art can be a bit time consuming.

Just finished exams so I’ve been able to get back into development. Here is a main menu that I created recently. The marble in the menu changes based on which marble is equipped.

I will most likely re-texture all the current game menu’s to a more generic theme (such as the main menu).

Comments, critique is appreciated :smiley:

some of the texturing and artwork could do with a bit more polish but other than that it is a solid effort.

What aspects are you referring to? Personally the store still needs a bit of a clean up. Graphically.

@timster, mainly the texturing and lighting on everything, but that’s just me being extremely picky. If the style you’re going for is ‘cartoony’ then you’ve achieved your goal.

Art styles are incredibly subjective … So what would be nice looking to me would be different to somebody else. :wink: Well done.