Marble Final version, level 1,2,3

Here is the final version of this demo!

and here is Level 2

level 3!!
Here is the file for you to play ,

level1 and level 2 and level 3 blender files are included, but I reccomend running from the windows .EXE files included. The only way to play from level 1 to level 2 with your score is from the .exe version.

Avoid hitting the walls.
Controls are WSAD to move, shift to move fast, and spacebar to jump.

I have really optimized things, things should run much faster now all around.

The new bonus system really rocks the game play,
Please post feedback , high scores, critiques or whatever .

thanks for playing :smiley:

Top class game. I wouldn’t dare crit.
I could waste hours with this :slight_smile:

Agreed. Very nice. No complaints.

Hey there.

Cool game i like it.
Lots of colors there

Direct enter to the “Top 3 of Best Blender Games”…and probably the better “crafted”?!
The details are “crazy”!!!
But I’ve one crit, YES! Arrow keys to move the ball are more “universal” I guess?!

wOW! Very nice. I love those packages falling and bouncing here and there.

Could you please put some BLING in the ones wrapped in pearl iridecent? Please, (head tipped sideways…blink blink)?

Its the first marble game I have played in like forever… but I had a lot of fun, blowing myself up (over and over because it was fun), searching for the start key, lol, and watching the fantastic visuals!

Ha-Ray for you.

Almost forgot, love the ball-falling-glow have to see how you did that (amongst everything else in there)

Final Version! Please check the first post for screen shots and download link :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!

My next game will have almost all the gameplay elements of this demo, plus a lot more to keep things interesting.

Please keep the feedback coming about things you like, dont like, or whatever :smiley:

Thanks for playing my game everyone :smiley:

Oto speaks for me, too.

I am going to make a non-QWERTY keyboard version when I get a little bit more time, think I will be using the arrow keys, might even do joystick.

I couldn’t really get the “full effect” since I’m on Linux (no sound - dll’s are a microsoft thing), but from the little I played, it was decent.

I was actually thinking about booting windows to test it on a system it was made for, but frankly, I didn’t consider a marble game to be worth that (and to be fair, I have the same attitude for most other “made for windows” indy games).

That said, the over-blown alpha and blender material effects tend to hit the framerate quite a bit (especially on an older card like mine), so it can be quite frustrating at times. It’s not that I’m against “pretty colors”, but for a marble game it just seems a little too much.

Also, in relation to python - you can put more than one functionality in single script. Don’t be afraid to try that, because it really makes things much easier, and you get a better overview of the execute order along with the general event structure.

So just a few things to keep in mind for next time.

Good Luck.

PS: It’s so damn hot… Milk was a bad choice.


what an awesome game! it takes the essance of marble madness and blends it with pac-man powerpill munching!

I agree with OTO, This is one of the best games for blender yet!Make more maps for us!

Where did you get the music?

Awesome! This is a real gem. Thanks Mmph!

can you post a tutorial on how you did the rainbow material?

44 mb? It is a very-very large file!
Whether you could not have cut out for me:
creation of heals bar;
Creation of empty shells after shot;
creation of heals bar at boats and protagonist;
taking away several of heals bar after shot in him!
Will be very thankful!
Creation of time limitation

please just download the file.
If you get errors from dial-ip,

please try this software:

it will allow you to download big files over a dial up connection…

If the connection fails, it will re-dial , and resume your download, after you reconnect.

enjoy :D!

Thak, but i cant download you file, it’s very big!
I cant download files 4-9 mb!
Help me!

By the way, how to limit a quantity of let loose obectov( on similarity of the empty shells, let loose from the submachine gun)?
And how to change direction of axis with shells(if I turn her as usual ®, the object turns, and direction of flight of shells it IS not).

Help to unite two files. In one scale of life (in case of pressure of the left button she diminishes), and in other object, which coming across other object loses the life, only these lives are not shown out in screen. I want that in case of wound, the scale of life diminished!
Help, it is very necessary! - 62 kb

Wow how did I miss this one?

This has to be the most addictive marble game I’ve ever played that was created in Blender. Nice work!

How to do to the bots LIFE, that after a few shots he died?