Marble Run Animation - Rigid Body Simulation

Hi everyone, share with you my new marble run animation. Hope you like it:) Don’t forget to leave your comment!


I DO like it. A LOT! Love the design - so pared back, sleek, but still feels very real. The smallest interactions of those balls with each other and the little switches and levers in the maze is absolutely mesmerizing. Soundtrack is also perfect. So inspiring.

Thank you very much Kena!!

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those are always amazing. yours is great.

Thanks! Yes, they are always fun to watch:)

Awesome! Is this fully simulated or is manual animation needed to get this result?

Thanks! They are all simulated except those poles elevating the marbles at the beginning.

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Very cool. It looks very realistic.

Glad you like it:)

Nice work!!

Thank you!

Hi everyone, what simulation videos are you interested? Share your ideas! :grinning:

Beautiful work, lighting and wood material.
The wood is procedural or texture? From where?

Only one comment:The marbels seems to accelerate extremely fast and brakes a little bit the realism or at least the natural movement one expects from that mass

GREAT work

Thanks! It’s a simple texture I made. Here’s the file if you are interested:

Yes I added a little bit force to help them go smoothly around some corners, seems still too much. Good spot!

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Thanks a lot for sharing!!! I am definitely downloading. I am obsess with wood …and always trying to create a decent archive for my renders. Can I ask where did you find the this one? I am not managing to find good wood textures (with real wood reference names) online. I do know substance and cgaxis have beautiful woods, but they are not based on a real wood. I only know Arroway…probably the best for cg furniture…but it is insanely expensive.

I download it on Freepik but some images included this one require premium account.
It’s a website for graphic designer, you may not find it useful. :sweat_smile:
I wonder who can afford buying Arroway… probably only architecture firm.

I always learn from people like you. I tend to over complicate myself and projects thinking I need memberships to expensive services to do what I have in mind…you are demonstrating me, again, by using just a single image from a free site how amazing can still be the outcome.

One more comment, I think in one of the renders you posted in this thread…the wood has really sharp reflections on curved areas…I believe they should behave less defined and more diffused…(roughness) …I can see the light planes…and I believe that should not happen in that type of rough wood.

Yes you’re right! I tired to make it looks like polished during the process but forgot to turn down the clearcoat value afterward :sweat_smile:

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Nevermind I was stupid :slight_smile: love the kit

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Thanks for your interest in the kit!
When you rotate the parts, please set the pivot type to " Individual Origins".
If you’re using “3D Cursor”, please move the 3D cursor back to the origin of the selected part by pressing Shift S and choose “Cursor to Selected”.